2017 Audi R20 Price, Beautiful Exterior Design

When Audi Company announced that the R8 E-tron model has been dropped out of the sale, almost everyone was pretty disappointed. But, fortunately, it appears like Audi hasn’t completely dropped the plan of offering a hybrid supercar since the new rumors and speculations seem to imply that in the next three years we can expect a street-legal edition of the German automaker’s very successful LeMans car, the R18. The approaching model will be called 2017 Audi R20 and it will come on the market with extraordinary exterior design, elegantly designed interior as well as with powerful and also efficiency engine capabilities. This hybrid supercar will be very, very luxurious and consequently very expensive model. This model will be the main goal of all supercar and expensive car collectors.

2017 Audi R20 – Beautiful Exterior Design:

The exterior design of the new 2017 Audi R20 is quite amazing and we can see a lot of sharp lines from the outside. Almost whole chassis will be made from lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum in order to improve overall performances and engine efficiency. At the front fascia, incredible thin headlights are very strong considering the fact that the newest LED technology powers it. Close to the ground, nicely designed front grille will be smaller than usual and the logo will be located in the middle. The front bumper is very nice and has large air intakes. These intakes are very useful for improving performances and for improving engine cooling. Also, at the both sides, close to the back wheels we can notice air intakes. Very large alloy wheels will be made from aluminum and it will be probably 20 inches in size. When you look the rear side of this model, you see how much powerful this vehicle is. Here we can notice the taillights, massive bumper and big air intakes and exhaust pipes. Beautiful!

Inside the cabin, the approaching 2017 Audi R20 is race based and we can see a lot of high-quality materials here. A lot of lightweight materials in the cabin are very useful in improving the total speed and the speeding up of the vehicle. Also, there will be a lot of high-tech features inside, and according to pictures we have, the touchscreen display will be located in the center of the dash. The small flattened steering wheel is race-based and it contains gearbox shifter. Other interior features are modern-day stereo, a navigation system, air condition and many others.

2017 Audi R20 – Powertrain:

Underneath the hood, the resulting 2017 Audi R20 will be powered by 4.5-liter turbocharged V6 engine and two electric motors. The engine is capable of generating 550 hp and it is fitted with features such as start/stop, high-speed coasting and brake energy recuperation. The available drive type will be front wheel drive while the transmission system will be 6-speed handbook automatic. The fuel economy is something that can be better, but high fuel consumption is normal for this kind of vehicle. It is rated at 12 mpg city and 19 mpg highway.

2017 Audi R20 – Price and Release Date:

The release date of the anticipated 2017 Audi R20 will be sometime in early 2017. However, this information is unofficial. The price will start from $950,000, and can go up to the $1.2 million.

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