2017 Audi RS4 Avant, Sedan

Recently, the next generation of 2016 Audi A4 Avant and 2016 Audi A4 Sedan were showcased by Audi. With the reveal of A4 models, it is hard not to wonder whether a high-performance variant of these models, RS will follow. As far as certain reports are concerned, the Audi RS4 will be returning to the US market as 2017 Audi RS4 and will join the growing lineup of next generation A4 models. The previous generation of RS4 offered only a wagon model; a sedan wasn’t included in the lineup. However, with this next generation model, 2017 Audi RS4 Sedan will be offered, which is great news for you if you are a sports sedan enthusiast. Take a look at this two model – 2017 Audi RS4 Avant, Sedan.

2017 Audi RS4 Avant, Sedan – Marketing Strategy:

This next generation of RS4 will likely come as a 2017 model year. Upcoming Audi RS4 will replace the current 2013 Audi RS4, whose sales are only limited to Europe and is available only in the form of a station wagon. Since RS4 will likely be a performance variant of A4, it will only release after the redesigned A4 models start rolling out with 2016 Audi A4 Avant and 2016 Audi A4 Sedan, which made its debut in September at Frankfurt Motor Show. The launch of 2016 Audi A4 will closely be followed by the release of 2017 Audi A4 Allroad, A5, and S5 models.

The RS4 Avant and Sedan Design:

The RS performance variant of Audi is generally characterized by an aggressive front fascia, lower stance and bigger set of wheels. Production model might have a few differences here and there but it shouldn’t be much different from what people are expecting from this model. This is because 2017 Audi RS4 Avant is bound to follow the latest design trend of Audi. The bumper from Audi RS3 should work pretty well will the creased hood and sharper lines of A4.

Exterior Details of RS4 Avant:

Now that almost everyone is familiar with the redesigned variant A4 Avant, it is actually not that difficult to imagine what the new 2017 Audi RS4 Avant might offer, as far as the exterior is concerned. The front fascia of this upcoming model might feature:

  • A new bumper, which could be similar to that of smaller 2015 Audi RS3 model.
  • The RS style honeycomb grille should definitely be present with this wagon.
  • Underneath license plate, ‘Quattro’ lettering should be present along with the RS4 badge, thus making for an aggressive front fascia.

The Wagon receives relatively beefier fenders on sides along with sportier side skirts, new wheels and mirror caps with RS-like styling. In order to offer a more aggressive stance, the car has also been lowered slightly. Above the bumper in the rear end, RS4 should be relatively identical to that of the standard model. Below the bumper, 2017 Audi RS4 Avant will be diffuser like and sportier. To sum up the rear fascia, a pair of large exhaust outlets should be present along with chrome ornaments in the apron. Hatch will obviously feature an RS4 badge along with a tiny spoiler at the top.

RS4 Sedan’s Exterior:

As far as 2017 Audi RS4 Sedan is concerned, its exterior will be a lot similar to Avant model with the addition of trunk being the most obvious change. Apart from that, some kind of active aero might be added like a power-deployable rear spoiler, which is presently found on 2015 Audi RS5.

Cabin Upgrades and Features:

Both Sedan and Avant models of 2017 Audi RS4 will have an interior that shall be basically based on the redesigned interior of A4. Therefore, you can same revamp dashboard with a cleaner center stack, continuous airstrip, and an 8.3 inch free standing color display.

An RS instrument cluster should also be present, featuring:

  • Black faces
  • White scales
  • Red needles
  • Stainless steel footrest and pedals.

Further customization will also be allowed by Audi by adding features like:

  • Diamond pattern seats
  • Red accents for air vents, seat belts, and floor mats.

Interior of Avant Model:

In order to place 2017 Audi RS4 Avant above the standard model, it should feature an array of amenities like every other RS-badged Audi models.  RS4 will also feature A8 like shifter and MMI controls which will be based on 2014 Audi Prologue concept. Updated technologies and consoles include:

  • Navigation
  • Standard LED lighting
  • Wi-Fi
  • LTE connectivity
  • Text search functionality
  • Touch capability.

These models will also feature improve leg space and according to Audi, it has the best shoulder width in the front seats when compared to its competitors. The cargo storage space for RS4 Avant model should be same as that of standard A4 Avant model, which had 17.8 cubic feet of luggage space.

Interior of Sedan:

You should expect a lot of similarity between the interior of Avant and Sedan models. The cabin of 2017 Audi RS4 Sedan should get sporty upgrades just like previous examples of high-performance variants from Audi. Such upgrades include requisite RS badging, race-inspired bucket seats and upgraded cabin material like carbon fiber dashboard trim. Certain model exclusive materials might as well be present, including door panel inserts and Alcantara or sued seats.

2017 Audi RS4 Avant, Sedan – Engine Specification:

The present RS4 Avant has a 4.2 liter V8 engine under its hood and it is capable of generating 444 hp along with 317 lb-ft of torque. For 2017 model year, both Avant and Sedan models will get the same engine.

The naturally aspirated V8 will most likely be replaced by a turbocharged 3-liter V6 unit. Since the upcoming model will obviously generate more output than its predecessor, a twin turbo engine unit seems like an obvious choice. This next generation model is significantly lighter than 2013 RS4, which should help in improving its performance.

Powertrain Details:

Some features of the 3 liter V6 engine are:

  • Audi would want the output to be competitive to that of Mercedes AMG C63 Wagon, which delivers 503 HP of output. There are rumors that this upcoming model will have an output close to 500 HP mark.
  • The Quattro all-wheel drive system from Audi will be present as standard.
  • An upgraded S Tronic transmission unit will be paired with this engine.
  • This new model should be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph within 4.3 seconds.
  • The top speed might be locked at 155 mph, while Audi might as well increase it to as much as 170 mph.

2017 Audi RS4 Avant, Sedan – Release Date, Competition, and Price:

The 2017 Audi RS4 Avant will likely release in 2017 following the launch of other Audi models. The 2017 Audi RS4 Sedan should also release at the same time.

Competitors of 2017 Audi RS4 are:

  • BMW M3 and Cadillac ATS-V for the Sedan model.
  • Mercedes AMG C63 Estate for Avant model.

Pricing Details include:

  • The RS4 Sedan should have a price of around $20,000 more than the S model, which makes the price of 2017 Audi RS4 Sedan more than $60,000.
  • On the other hand, the pricing of RS4 Avant is still not revealed. There are rumors that it might be priced close to $80,000.

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