2017 Audi S6 Specs, Review

Audi is one of the giants in automobile manufacturing industry, every model from Audi is crafted with precision and beauty. Audi vehicles offer utmost comfort and an unparalleled luxury. The 2017 Audi S6 brings out everything that is needed in a car, this Audi S6 is a down to earth model. It has an elegant design to it which is influenced by modernism. So here are some reviews of this new Audi S6 2017.

2017 Audi S6 – Interior Design:

This Audi S6 possesses similarities with other Audi S models like the Audi S4 or Audi S8. The design language and styling of the interior cabin of this Audi S6 are almost the same as S4 or S8 models.

Of course, Audi also incorporates its signature styling in this interior cabin. High-quality materials are used for upholstery and is showcased in this interior cabin. This interior cabin provides comfort by both superior upholstery and lots of free space. Its dashboard is made very useful and stylish which holds a modern LCD touchscreen display. The seats can be power adjusted, air conditioning has been evenly distributed. The controls have been revisited, modified, and some new functions are added to it.

The functionality of every feature in this interior cabin is made simple and user-friendly, high-quality material upholstery can also be seen in door panels. The steering wheel is more accessible which has multi functioning capacity.

Exterior Body Features:

The exterior body of this new 2017 Audi S6 is elegant and has a beautiful design to it. Its aesthetics is modern and attractive. This new 2017 S6 has a large radiator grille in its front fascia. This grille covers its entire front fascia and this grille us decorated by heavy chrome inserts and detailing.

This new 2017 Audi S6 will get a new suspension system along with a quad exhaust system. This car has also been incorporated with a night vision system. The wheels have larger rims with chrome and metallic accent.

The headlight is L.E.D, and they have a fantastic design which is a part of a new signature design by Audi, and this can be seen in most of the new models from Audi.

2017 Audi S6 interior

2017 Audi S6 – Drivetrain Details:

This new Audi S6 2017 model will be provided with a 4.0 liter V8 engine with a twin turbo. This engine can easily generate 450 horsepower. This drivetrain unit will be used with both the options of automatic and manual transmission system. There may be other engine options for this new Audi S6, but there are no details about this right now. This 4.0 liter engine will be able to give a smooth driving experience with its variable valve technology.

2017 Audi S6 – Fuel Economy, Release Date and Price:

There is no information about the rivals of this model right now, but it will soon be available. The previous 2016 Audi S6 model has its mileage of 18 mpg in city and 27 mpg on the highway, so this 2017 model is also expected to have the same.

This new model will be launched in 2016. There is no information about the price of this 2017 Audi S6 right now.

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