2017 BMW 6-Series Coupe, Exterior Design

The BMW 6-Series is a series of luxury vehicles manufactured by the famous German auto manufacturer BMW. The next generation 2017 BMW 6-Series and M6 have been given more attention by the car manufacturer so that they can provide a proper competition to Porsche when they launch. The current BMW 6-Series, available in the form of: four door Gran Coupe, cabriolet and coupe, are quite powerful grand. Current 6-Series models are better suited for autobahn rather than winding B-roads. These models look quite good but some consider it to be soft edged, slightly overweight and inadequately packed.

2017 BMW 6-Series – Facelift:

BMW will be looking to overcome the shortcomings of the current 6-Series lineup. After only a few years, existing model’s third generation F06, F12 and F13 chassis will be replaced by fourth generation G16, G14 and G15 chassis respectively. Three body styles are represented by these codes, namely:

  • Convertible
  • Two door coupe
  • Four doors Gran coupe.

These models have conventionally been luxury touring vehicles of BMW. These models are comfortable and powerful enough to drive on the autobahn for a few hours but they aren’t the best suited vehicles for canyon carving. If recent reports are considered to be true, this convention might change with the release of 2017 BMW 6-Series.

New Body Construction:

BMW officials have claimed that this upcoming 6-Series will be worthy of the DTM laurels of the brand and a proper Porsche competitor. With claims like that, there is no doubt that the German car manufacturer will have introduced a lot of improvements and upgrades. One such improvement is the construction of a new restructured body, 2017 BMW 6-Series will be based on a modular architecture, which emphasizes on more versatile and fewer sub models. Some features of this new construction includes:

  • High strength steel has been employed along with various exotic materials like carbon fiber, titanium accents, magnesium and a lot of aluminum alloys.
  • This new body construction has resulted in saving of almost a quarter of a ton in weight.
  • Thanks to this new construction, the convertible now weighs around 3,748 pounds while the coupe has nearly 3,439 pounds of weight.

While building any kind of sporty vehicle, less heft always serves as a huge advantage. It is true that low curb weight will massively improve the overall performance, but in order to provide competition to Porsche, a lot more is required. Keeping that mind, 2017 BMW 6-Series might include changes like:

  • Reduced total overhang
  • lowered the center of gravity
  • A wider track
  • Even a probable active aero setup.

Thanks to these changes, the resulting car should have a much higher cornering capability as compared to the previous generation.

Exterior Design of 2017 BMW 6-Series:

2017 BMW 6-Series has a great looking exterior and it resembles great German engineering. The low and wide stance of this vehicle goes quite well with this exterior appearance. Since BMW is trying to compete against Porsche in terms of performance, it is hard not to wonder whether this upcoming 6-Series will be feature only minor design changes. Wide and low is what you would be looking in a sports car, but increased size also means increased weight. The question remains how much edge would this 6-Series be having?

It is highly likely that the next generation models will have near about the same overall dimension. BMW will probably be relying on performance and technology to make the difference for them. 2017 BMW 6-Series will also feature narrower headlights and tail lights, which look similar to that of i8 models.  Effectiveness of aero enhancements is another thing to look forward to, some probable offerings include

  • Dynamic front winglets
  • Speed sensitive rear spoiler.

Interior Details

For the upcoming 6-Series, longer wheelbase will be provided to the Gran Coupe model. This means that Gran Coupe will be having comparatively more interior space that the convertible and two door coupe models. That is quite understandable, if you are buying a 6-Series model, you are most likely to forego four door models if you want bang for your buck. You can expect leather, Alcantara, aluminum and wood accents in its cabin.

As far as technological features are concerned, 2017 BMW 6-Series will get a high quality audio system from Harman Kardon along with infotainment screens. A wide array of optional equipment will also be offered with these models. Some features of the top range M6 model include:

  • General Motorsports inspired equipment
  • Leather wrapped steering wheel
  • Grippy pedals
  • Bolstered seats.

2017 BMW 6-Series interior

2017 BMW 6-Series – Powertrain Configuration:

While exact powertrain details for this model are sparse for now, there have been reports that the upcoming 6-Series will come with four different engine options. These include:

  • A straight six 3 liter petrol engine in 640i with 347 hp of output.
  • A straight six 3 liter diesel engine in 640d with 315 hp of output.
  • A 4.4 liter V8 engine in 650i capable of generating 445 hp.
  • A 4.4 liter twin turbo V8 in top range M model, with the capacity of generating 476 hp.

All models in this series will be offered rear wheel drive as standard, while all wheel drive will be optionally available as well. As of now, there is no news on the availability of a plug-in hybrid variant in new BMW 6-Series. Having said that, Porsche has recently been offering several hybrid models and since BMW intends to compete against Porsche, a hybrid variant might as well is introduced. Fuel economy of this car is around 20 mpg for city drive and around 31 mpg for highway drive.

2017 BMW 6-Series rear

2017 BMW 6-Series – Pricing and Competition:

Currently, the base model of 2017 BMW 6-Series is priced at $76,100. For the upcoming model, this price is likely to increase given the newfound speed and lightness for 2017 model. You can expect it to be priced somewhere around $80,000-$100,000. With more options and trim levels, the cost of the models will obviously increase.

The 2017 BMW 6-Series is expected to release by the end of 2016 or at the beginning of 2017, exact release date is yet to be announced. The main rivals of upcoming 6-Series lineup are

  • Porsche Panamera
  • Audi A7.

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