2017 BMW Z2 Roadster

Stakes are going to be high as 2017 BMW Z2 gears up to become the face of change in BMW roster. Throw a challenge of becoming ahead of the rest and BMW triumphs it all. If reports are to be believed, BMW Z2 of 2017 model is all set to become a compact two-seater that is expected to pour a new wave of buyers who have been on the look out to buy a roadster that simply breathes speed and flaunts the highest level of style quotient. It happens to be the successor of Z3 but shall be placed under Z4. Let’s find out more.

2017 BMW Z2 – Platform

The 2017 BMW Z2 roadster with great aerodynamics is probably that demand which led to the very existence of 2017 BMW Z2. The Z4 though a product of brilliant engineering and expert craftsmanship failed to woo the younger lot due to it’s not so easily accessible hardtop mechanism.

Z2, on the other hand, promises to be a speed machine with dollops of refinement among which a fabric top will top the list. Roadster coupe over the years has been mostly hits and misses stories. There was the mini Roadster, Alfa Romeo Spider but none of them went on become runaway success.

It was told right from the start that 2017 BMW Z2 will be based on UKL1 platform and therefore it is no wonder that this roadster will be four-wheel drive. As a result, this car is expected to be approximately 750 pounds lighter with heavy use of carbon fiber and other light material. Dimension wise, it is smaller than Z3.

2017 BMW Z2 – Under the hood

As they say, someone’s delight is someone else’s worry. The BMW Z2 will not amuse few buyers as it will be available in four-wheel drive. There are three and four-cylinder engines available. Horsepower yielding capacity ranges between 150 and 300 hp. At entry-level three-cylinder engine seems to be the choice to opt for.

2017 BMW Z2 – Interior and Exterior Appearance

Time is on 2017 BMW Z2’s side given its release is in the year 2017. Therefore, the facelift for this vehicle by Bavarian carmaker can be done to every detail until the very last moment. Overall exterior is supposed to be lighter than Z4 at around 2500 pounds. It should definitely incorporate BMW’s best-known split grille, high illumination power headlamps, and short rear. Since it has already been mentioned this coupe will have fabric top, the exterior will undoubtedly be most talked about for the same.

As a two person accommodating car 2017 BMW Z2 should carry all modern interior refinements that can truly define its class. Most importantly there is a huge task of gaining acceptance among young buyers. Hence expect to see the strong and completely equipped dashboard that would consume less space. Latest technology for interior controls and infotainment system will certainly be provided as well.

Of course, it would all be nothing less than a useless addition if this roadster fails to accommodate two persons comfortably with enough space, a fact well-known to its makers. Despite all additions and tweaks, it may not be in the ranks of its upper-level relatives. As a matter of fact majority facilities and features are exclusive to high trim levels of Z2.

2017 BMW Z2 – Price and Performance

The 2017 BMW Z2 is the car of future and price has a lot to consider. It is very much possible that its entry-level variant will be available for $30,000 and as one moves up to sports M model, price touches the level of $50,000.

In regards to performance, it may break the age-old notion of roadsters not being fuel-efficient. Efforts have been made to achieve at least 30 miles per gallon combined.

Few facts you probably did not know about BMW

  • Engine shaped headquarters

BMW has not held itself back from displaying its passion for four-cylinder engines. It is exactly why they have their headquarters shaped as a four-cylinder engine.

  • Genesis with building aircraft

Believe it or not, this German car maker made some of the best aircraft during World War era and switched to making less revenue generating cars for its survival.

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