2017 Dodge Journey Redesign

The Dodge is an American brand of automobiles and a subsidiary of FCA US LLC. It is world renowned for minivans, cars, and sports utility vehicles. Dodge was founded in the year 1900 which goes back 116 years in history and has a high degree of automobile market experience. Dodge Journey is a crossover segment vehicle or a mini SUV which has gained popularity because of its immobile capacity of exceptional handling, pick up and stability. The 2017 Dodge Journey will have some major changes to make it much more exciting and with added features as well as titbits.

2017 Dodge Journey – Rich Interior and Stylish Exterior:

The 2017 Dodge Journey, in regard to its previous model, will have some nominal facelift changes and some major changes which will add up to the difference. Apart from that, Journey will have some external and internal modifications to make it look more exciting.

External body of this renowned 2017 Dodge Journey will have some good number of facelift changes. Some of most expected changes are going to be with its headlights, front and back bumpers, tail lamps and fog lamps. Headlights are going to have a trendier and a much more appealing look. Its front and back bumpers will be redesigned to make this crossover look much bossier and give it an overall muscular feeling. Tail lamps will also be different in shape and same goes with its fog lamps.

Interiors of the Dodge Journey are already undoubtedly amazing. However, Dodge which beliefs in bringing up changes is going to use upgraded materials for its interiors which will let you have a bit of luxury feeling inside. Other than that you will see a new set of multimedia system and broader and comfortable sits. It will also focus on increasing its leg room and boot space available which ultimately will help in providing much more comfortable journeys in your 2017 Dodge Journey.

2017 Dodge Journey – Engine Expectations and Performance:

The Dodge Journey currently has two options of engine available. One is a 173 hp 2.4-liter engine and a 283 hp 3.6 liter V6 engine. This engine is expected to deliver power with performance. It is available with the front as well as all wheel drive options.

The SUV will continue to have older versions of the engine but with increased performance in terms of fuel efficiency and top speed. The current top speed of Journey is recorded at a decent 118 mph. Its fuel economy is approximately around 22 mpg on an average.

2017 Dodge Journey – Possible Arrival Date and Estimated Cost:

The new Dodge Journey will have a base price of $22,000 and will be higher for upper variants and option having all wheel drive. Major competitors of Journey are Kia Sportage and Ford Escape. Launch date by this Dodge motors has not yet been confirmed for its popular upcoming Journey. However, there are news and updates in a market as per which Dodge Journey will be out in mid of the year 2017 and with different variants and models.

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