2017 Ford Bronco Concept Hoax

The Ford will be facelifted many cars and is also performing many facelifts at present. Many of these cars will be released by 2017 and somehow there is one rumor about these cars. There is a hot topic of discussion at present regarding 2017 Ford Bronco which is actually a hoax and it is not at all true. The brand came to know about it as soon as the news went viral. They took immediate step to reveal the correct news so that people do not the get false hope of Ford Bronco.

2017 Ford Bronco – Exterior & Interior Features

This car is really a nice and demanding model of Ford but for some reason, this company has got no plans of upgrading this car. But more than one unknown sources have made this news viral that 2017 Ford Bronco is one of the upcoming cars of this brand by the next two years. Some people might have confused it with 2017 Ford Raptor which is a true story. Raptor will be released by 2017 which is under facelift at present.

There are lots of people who are a great fan of Bronco and they were delighted to know the news of its facelift. But the company feels sorry for them as the news is just a hoax. They will surely perform a facelift on Bronco in near future, but at this time, they have no such plan. Bronco has had a huge sell out for many years and in all probability, it will continue to have such success in coming days. It has got strong build quality with an aggressive appearance. Powerful performance and comfort are also included in its unique selling points.

It has got almost all essential consoles and features that are found in a present-day car. Bronco is one of the best cars that this car company has ever build, but it is not face lifted at present for 2017 release. It has not been stopped though as there is any such news from the brand. If this car is decided to be face lifted in near future, you will be the first one to know as it will be informed to you. Keep checking in on regular intervals and you will come to whether or not 2017 Ford Bronco will be released.

2017 Ford Bronco interior

2017 Ford Bronco – Engine Specs

As of now, Ford Bronco release for 2017, which went viral like a forest fire, is totally a false story. Either it has been misunderstood or the correct news has been manipulated which resulted into this. It is needless to say that there cannot be any discussion regarding engine of 2017 Ford Bronco. When the model does not exist or will not exist at all, there can be no engine also.

2017 Ford Bronco rear

2017 Ford Bronco – Price and Release Date

Raptor might release by the middle or early 2016 but will go for full-fledged sale at the beginning of 2017. The 2017 Ford Bronco has got no price tag since this model is a hoax as of now. If this model releases ever, its price will be made as reasonable as possible as Ford never over prices their cars.

Update: We just have found out that there is the big possibility for this vintage SUV model to enter into the re-manufacturing. We can expect to see new 2020 Ford Bronco by the end of 2019.

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