2017 Ford Edge Specs, Engine Options

Everyone who has used a Ford certainly knows or for that matter understands why they managed to stick around for so long. Given that the previous statement establishes Ford’s status, it is pretty understandable that 2017 Ford Edge is a pretty decent vehicle too. This sports utility vehicle or for that matter crossover was launched almost about a decade ago. It goes without saying that if it had to continue it had to deliver what the market ones. So Guess what? Ford will be redesigning it and it will be released as 2017 Ford Edge. Ford has been working hard to restore this vehicle’s lost status in the segment. There are a lot of interesting changes that are due but only time will tell whether they will work or not.

2017 Ford Edge – Body and Design:

The redesign of the new model is a makeover that this SUV deserved. On its exteriors, it has got new LED lamps, bumpers, 19-inch wheels and air vents. Overall an attempt has been made to create a more American design and the changes have been made in accordance with the general prevailing choice of buyers.

Interiors come with an accommodation capacity of 5 and the cabin packs in a lot of interesting tech specs. They include rear-view camera, 911 assist, telescopic steering wheel, Bluetooth connectivity, 4.2-inch touchscreen, adjustable seats, audio system, My ford infotainment & smartphone integration.

Engine Options and Specifications:

2017 Ford Edge has a great line up of engine options to choose from. Not only has the company focused on producing a far superior design than before but also have paid equal attention to its engine specs. This SUV will be offered in basically three variants, each designed to suit the needs of many. The principal variant of Edge is supposed to carry a V6 unit of 3.5 liters under it hood whose power output ranges up to 280 hp. His unit is capable of producing a torque of 250 pounds per feet.

The next engine in the line-up is the one with the maximum output. It is the 2.7-liter unit that produces up to 315 hp. And the final will be 2.0 liter with 245 hp. The latest addition to the range is, however, a turbocharged inline 4 cylinder unit with a greater output to capacity ratio.

2017 Ford Edge – Transmission, Fuel Efficiency:

Unlike the engine specs, there isn’t much diversity when it comes to 2017 Ford Edge transmission details. Nevertheless, just for the sake of it, there is the automatic and manual option. Other than that, all the variants are supposed to come with pretty much the same gear unit i.e. a six-speed one. Other than that, it will be available in both front wheel drive and all-wheel drive option.

It goes without saying that the mileage offered by three different engines would certainly be different. In addition to that; they will vary for different driving configurations. Ford Edge mpg will be for FWD variants 28 mpg, and for AWD 20 mpg. These figures might improve for the latest variant.

Estimated Arrival and Competition:

Even though official details for 2017 Ford Edge isn’t available yet it is yet most likely that it will hit the showrooms sometime between the second and third quarter of 2017. Around that time similar vehicles from equivalent automakers are to be released too.

They include some great vehicles like:

It is pretty self-explanatory that these utility vehicles will give each other a hard time and only one will emerge as the best.

2017 Ford Edge – Variants and Cost:

This medium-sized 2017 Ford Edge is no doubt diverse in terms of its specs and that diversity hasn’t been spared in terms of its number of trims. It will be available for a total of 4 trims. Starting from the SE i.e. the base model to SEL, Sports and then all the way up to the premium Titanium trim. For now, an estimated cost for SE variant is somewhere around $29.600. Other variants will surely cost more but exactly how much? It isn’t known yet.

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