2017 Ford Fiesta RS Specs, Price

The Ford Fiesta does not need any introduction. This car has been very popular globally and has sold very well around the world. 2017 Ford Fiesta’s biggest highlight is probably it adopting this company very own World Rally Championship model. That isn’t all, it will also come with a brand new engine which will certainly help this sedan to set itself apart in its segment. The looks of this car will equally charm you. Since it is too early to confirm the details, we will discuss about the most probable specs and the confirmation will be available soon. Nevertheless, if we go by the suggestions, we can expect a lot from the 2017 redesign and competition won’t be easier. Other than that 2017 Ford Fiesta will be available in multiple variants.

2017 Ford Fiesta RS – Exterior and Interior Design

With 2017 Ford Fiesta, the company has finally decided to get over its old design and implement a brand new one that is sportier and most importantly more efficient. In order to give this car a completely new look, Ford was ready to adapt to this edgier design. It being bolder, allows this variant to be more aerodynamically efficient. This sudden change is a relief from Ford’s typical and monotonous designs. Exterior upgrades will feature adapting to a lighter bodywork, compact grills and dual silencers. There are chances that this new variant will be bigger in terms of its dimensions.

Like the exterior, the interior of 2017 Ford Fiesta will go through some significant transitions. For starters the cabin has been designed very intelligently and effectively. The integrated features work great and leather upholstery and wooden work is simply mind-blowing. Lastly, latest technological features like infotainment system, audio system and navigation system. It goes without saying that the base variant will offer only basic accessories but the price will vary as the number of them increase.

2017 Ford Fiesta RS – Powertrain

We have discussed about the fact that this car has adapted to a new platform and will be offered in more than one engine variants. The best feature about current powertrain is the addition of very efficient engine that can easily generate greater outputs. Basic variant will offer a 1.6 L EcoBoost engine that will be able to generate up to 200 horse power. Better variants are likely to increase this range up to 250 horses. To add to that, this car will be offered in a four-wheel drive variant which is good because the previous one i.e. all wheel drive didn’t work well for the company. Comparatively one might consider it a little expensive but with improved mileage this car will be going places. It will range between 25 mpg to 30 mpg.

2017 Ford Fiesta RS – Availability & Price

As we have discussed, the list of upgrades and enhancements is long and one wouldn’t be surprised if the price tag is a bit steeper. But Ford has decided to make this legendary and popular car only available for $25,000 for base variant. Higher range variants might cost up to $30,000 but not much is known about its availability. But the 2017 Ford Fiesta will probably be seen in the markets around December next year.

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