2017 Ford GT Price, Review

It is a well-known fact that Ford likes to keep their focus on its sustainability and connectivity side of their cars. But that does not mean that they have lost their touch with creating ones that are good on the performance side of things as well. After all these lessons learnt from its predecessors, the 2017 Ford GT Supercar tries to improve upon everything that is already there and bring more to the table.

2017 Ford GT – Engine Specs

Getting straight to the point, upcoming 2017 Ford GT Supercar will come with absolutely latest performance system that is powered with the help of an Eco-boost six-cylinder engine with a volume of 3.5 liters. According to the claims made by Ford, this engine will be able to deliver more than 600 horsepower of pure efficiency. What’s more, this engine is based on the same architecture used in the engine of the IMSA Daytona racing prototype.

This further proves that this engine is more than suited to racing conditions. As far as its transmission is concerned, this little beast of a machine will be using a 7-speed dual clutching transaxle system of transmission. This model is more of a step back to what the 2005 model of Ford actually was. It sacrifices a lot of other things in lieu of efficiency in its aerodynamics department. Each and every surface of the car is made in a way that will help manage the airflow.

2017 Ford GT – Interior and Exterior

As far as interior is concerned, this 2017 Ford GT Supercar will have a steering wheel that is inspired off of Formula 1 racing cars. All its controls that are necessary for a driver to make the required set of adjustments are placed right in front of him or her so that nothing can get in the way of these controls when steering, There is also a digitized feedback mechanism that lets the driver know about all sorts of details like the driving modes, the environments and things like that.

The coupe of mid-engine is built around the foundation for a Carbon fiber cell (for the passenger) with an addition of panels made of carbon fiber as well. And beneath these carbon fibers, there is front and rear frames and sub-frames made of pure aluminium. Although the exact weight for this model is yet to be released, there are signs indicating that this 2017 Ford GT Supercar will probably be one of the lightest cars around in the market and very few cars can compete with this car.

2017 Ford GT – Release Date and Price

As far as exterior goes, this model will make sure that it will come with wheels that are made with ultra-light weighing carbon fiber as well. Ford is much concerned about the weight of this product and hence it is difficult to see them going with that same old aluminium wheels. Spoiler will also come with tonnes of features which include air brakes. It will be able to raise both horizontally as well as vertically to capture some extra torque. 2017 Ford GT Supercar will be priced at around $40,000 for its base version.

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