2017 Ford Mondeo Important Facets and Changes

The Ford is considering upgrading its popular and renowned model Mondeo in the upcoming year 2017. Ford motor based in the US is one leading automaker and is world known for massive production and sales of all types of vehicles starting from mini hatchbacks to sports utility vehicles. After a lot of research work done and blueprints prepared, this giant automaker is set to launch its 2017 Ford Mondeo which is so believed to bring in a revolution into different markets all over the globe.

2017 Ford Mondeo – Important Facets and Changes:

Ford has launched cars of different sectors and Mondeo belongs to Sedan class, known for its superior styling, looks and built. It also comes in exciting colors and there are many variants of these models too which provides buyers to choose from the bucket. The 2017 Ford Mondeo will have a lot of external as well as internal modifications which will make this vehicle more adaptable to modern generations’ needs and demands. Check out more about this upcoming vehicle as a there is a lot more to know.

External Changes:

One of the most talked about and loved the part about Ford Mondeo is its rear design which really does not let one’s eyes for restraining that look of this lovely sedan. No doubt Ford will keep that look intact but with a certain number of alterations. Some changes are expected to be seen in its rear tail lamps design and its bumpers. The front part of 2017 Ford Mondeo will have a redesigned headlamps and fog lamps. Apart from that Ford will also redesign front grille and clusters along with front bumpers.

Internal Changes:

Interior are going to have a major number of alterations. Starting from all new dual color interiors to more use of upgraded material in building its interiors – all are going to be seen in all new 2017 Ford Mondeo. Also, there will be a new piece of the multimedia system, which will let you connect more efficiently and listen to all your favorite tracks with improved speakers.

2017 Ford Mondeo – Engine, Fuel Economy, and Specifications:

Hidden under its hood is a 237 hp, 2 liter Duratorq TDCi engine. The Same engine will continue to be seen in 2017 Ford Mondeo, but with increased performance in terms of power and fuel efficiency. A 1.5 Liter turbo diesel engine is also expected with 118 hp. As per test conditions Mondeo was able to deliver a pretty decent average fuel economy of almost 34 mpg. However, Ford motors claim a much higher fuel economy for its Mondeo.

Price, Launch Date, and Major Competitors:

Ford motors have not yet revealed anything about prices of its upcoming 2017 Mondeo. As per market studies and all reviews considered about Mondeo, it is going to carry a basic price tag of around $35,000. Expected launch date of 2017 Ford Mondeo is by the middle of 2017.  No particular month or date has been announced by Ford on this launch. Major competitors of Mondeo on the road are Audi A4, BMW 3 series, Hyundai i40, Kia Optima and Mazda 6.

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