2017 Ford Shelby Super Snake Concept

Of course it rings a bell to you and each car enthusiast out there when you hear Shelby. Although the world was awed by its last edition release in 2014, this automobile giant is again set to surprise the customers by yet another edition of its flagship line of beasts. Only this time with more decor, more muscle, more detail and a faster magnet to attract not only chicks but also enthusiasts from all over the world. Ford is set to unveil 2017 Ford Shelby Super Snake in the first quarter of 2017. Let us see what greets us this time as we open the doors.

2017 Ford Shelby Super Snake – Interior Design

Once you sit you will be welcomed by a state of the art steering wheel with 6 degrees of motion, a whopping 17 button cover on its wheel allowing the driver almost every possible function from changing drive-mode to reclining seats. 2017 Ford Shelby Super Snake sports car is a signature model in which Ford has used a high tensile metal almost like the once used in the Boeing’s and has crafted it with superior leather for a better grip.

It has non slippery metal paddles for faster and efficient transmission and superior quality matte leather. Unlike the last time it has not used wood on its dashboard. Like the last time this model will be unveiled with both manual and automatic transmissions. Unlike other companies Ford has provided slots for 15 more switches along with covered water-holders and a 3500 W sound system (a one of a kind) for the customers to add more gigs inside their love.

Exterior design

Once you go in front of the car you get to see its signature viper look with two triple vented bonnets for efficient cooling of the engine. After all this company didn’t name it snake for nothing. This time the radiator is a bit glossy and more tapered at the end with meaner looking headlights on both of its sides. Directly below them lies a very powerful set of fog lights which Ford claims to be the most powerful in this world. 2017 Ford Shelby Super Snake hosts four amalgamated wheels of diameter 40 cm and 20 cm wide for more efficient grip.

2017 Ford Shelby Super Snake engine

2017 Ford Shelby Super Snake – Beneath the hood

Once you pop open its hood an immensely powerful 5000 cc hand assorted engine from the factories will greet you and the accelerator will make a deafening noise once you set its medal to its pedal. This beast stores the power to boost this 953 kg machine from 0-60 mph in just 3.78 seconds and will have around 850 HP. Being a four-wheel drive this isn’t called super for nothing. Along with its built-in super charger, half shafts and a short throw shifter this has got a 3.73:1 rear axle ratio. Fitted with advanced cooling systems and superior coolant technology it comes under the heading of one of the most economic super cars of the decade.

2017 Ford Shelby Super Snake interior

2017 Ford Shelby Super Snake – Price and Release Date

The 2017 Ford Shelby Super Snake has a base price which starts from $49,995 but the most advanced variant will only be available if you are willing to pay $15,000 more. This includes automatic transmission, four-wheel drive and customization hood. The release date is set for the end of 2016.

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