2017 Ford Thunderbird Concept

The Thunderbird is an iconic product of the Ford Motor Corporation. The 2017 Ford Thunderbird concept boasts of a very high status. The name ‘Thunderbird’ is enough to make heads turn all around the world. This phenomenon of a car has some quite interesting performance figures that should be enough to cast a lasting impression on car buffs. But that is not necessary as almost all car lovers absolutely love this product from the house of The Blue Oval and needless to say, very impressed with it.

Brief history

This legendary car, Thunderbird was introduced in the automobile industry way back in 1954 and has come across a long way, going through eleven generations of successful production in the process. Its retro styling has always been a top feature in its design ass it was iconic. Rumors are being spread like wildfire that a new version of Ford Thunderbird is under development, to be released soon, and we, car lovers, are in for a big surprise as well as a big treat. This latest version of Ford Thunderbird is going to be tagged off as 2017 Ford Thunderbird.

2017 Ford Thunderbird – Concept

The 2017 version of Ford Thunderbird will see a brand new design which will be a very futuristic one, coming all the way from retro designing. Changes have been made in the quality of materials used and also in its dimensions. It is a mesmerizing and smooth mash-up of best of both retro design and futuristic design which has been matched up by an equally capable and efficient engine.

2017 Ford Thunderbird – Looks and Shape

If it is anything that instantly catches you attention instantly then that will be the unique redesign element of the exterior design of brand new 2017 Ford Thunderbird. A good dose of its special and golden retro style looks will set you back in time while its futuristic elements in the design will throw you ahead of the curve into a fast forward age.

Platform of built is a quite modern one which has been done so that performance levels scale astonishing heights. This 2017 version of Ford Thunderbird is essentially a two door coupe. This design looks very sporty. Another aspect of its design is its large 18 inch wheels which grips the road with astounding character.

Other exterior features include futuristic looking sleek and narrow head lamps which are now armed with LED lights. These head lamps flank a nice hexagonal grille design below which we have LED powered fog lamps. Tail lamp design is also a timeless piece of attraction.

Premium cars come with premium materials and so does the latest 2017 Ford Thunderbird. The traditional retro design of 2017 version of Ford Thunderbird will be equally matched up with latest and up to date materials. Cabin of new 2017 Thunderbird will be offered in two options of exciting colors. Inside, we will have black leather covering the front and rear rows of seats. Steering wheel, steering lever as well as the face of the dash-board will also be covered in black leather.

Dash board of 2017 Ford Thunderbird will also use shades of blue-green to make it look more attractive. Another option provides black leather with yellow stripes and aluminium panels to finish it off. Along with stunning looks, interior will also provide modern amenities which will ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.

2017 Ford Thunderbird interior

2017 Ford Thunderbird – Updates on Engine

As for now, reports speak of an AJ-35 VVT V8 unit under the hood of 2017 Ford Thunderbird. This engine has been improved a lot and now is able to provide better performance and higher fuel efficiency. It has been rated at 280 HP and 286 lb-ft. of torque. Reports of fuel consumption have not featured officially.

One of the most important aspect of latest Ford Thunderbird’s designing is that is made entirely from light weighing materials. This is a new feature in all eleven generations of its production and has had enormous positive effects on various aspects of this car. The materials have lowered the curb weight and have thereby increased fuel economy. On the other side, it has enhanced stability and handling which in turn has enhanced performance.

2017 Ford Thunderbird – Release Date and Price

The 2017 Ford Thunderbird is reported to start its pricing from $38,500. Its release date is yet unknown. Competitors will surface once this car hits the market.

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