2017 GMC Sierra Review, News

The GMC has always been one step ahead when it comes to delivering powerful and heavy-duty pick-up trucks. Sierra comes with top-notch performance, typical pick-up truck look and the GMC logo is a symbol of trust and dependability. It was introduced as a successor of the popular truck GMC C/K. Production started from 1998 and is currently in its third generation of production which started in 2014. Assembly takes place in Flint (Michigan), Roanoke (Indiana) and Silao (Mexico). The entire automobile market is very excited about 2017 GMC Sierra.

2017 GMC Sierra – Latest news on Sierra:

The 2017 GMC Sierra truck will be looking to make several improvements in both designing and engineering section. High strength steel and carbon fiber would be used extensively. For the top of the line models, there would be various driver assist features. It would also have state of the art safety tools like Anti-lock braking system, multiple airbags, etc.


Like all sierra models 2017 GMC Sierra will come out in several variants. Three Heavy duty versions available are 1500HD, 2500HD and 3500HD. All three linearly improves in strength and resilience. The Denali variant is also available for Sierra, which is a top of the line model with highly advanced luxury features. GMC also releases the military variant of the Sierra which is different from the regular commercial model in various aspects.

Design – Exterior:

The 2017 GMC Sierra will not sway much from the traditional Pick-up truck design which GMC follows. It will shed some of its box like looks and would have more rounded corners. It will retain the large rectangular grill with heavy chrome accent. GMC logo would be engraved in the center of it. It will come with small yet highly powerful LED headlights. There would be no significant changes in the rear section. The roof might be a little less flat than previous versions. Various color options are given for customers selections mainly like black onyx, victory red, blue metallic, metallic silver birch, etc.


Interior of 2017 GMC Sierra assures people of the comfortable and peaceful journey. Cabin space has been built in such a way that every passenger gets utmost comfort and makes them feel in control. This upcoming model gets far better up gradations than earlier one. High class perforated nuance type leather is used on seats along finely fabricated upholstery. All these can offer support, comfort as well as ventilation. Both seats at the front are adjustable in 12 varied positions. Some serious designing modifications have been done to reduce interior and exterior noise as much as possible like triple door lock, exhaust system with valves for engine noise reduction, aerodynamically sound mirrors reducing wind noise, etc.  Almost four fully adult passengers can be accommodated inside easily leaving enough leg room, headroom, and cargo space.

Even though 2017 GMC Sierra represents a pick-up truck, technological factor present inside can’t be discarded. Here are some gadgets, accessories, etc. you may find inside satellite navigation system, updated infotainment system, MyLink multimedia interface unit installed in touch screen display, air conditioning, front collision warning system, Bose-brand audio player having 7 speakers, USB ports, Bluetooth connection, ports for iPod and iPad, Internet-powered Pandora radio, cruise control, etc.

2017 GMC Sierra interior

2017 GMC Sierra – Modifications in the Engine:

The 2017 GMC Sierra will have many drivetrain options as per various models. You may find a 6.7 liter V8 turbocharged diesel engine generating almost 420 hp inside the bonnet or a 6.2 liter V8 Ecotec 3 engine producing 420 hp and 460-pound feet torque. In near future, micro hybrid plug-in versions are also possible. These engines get mated with 8-speed Hydra-Matic automatic transmission system. Many more drivetrain variants may be available which are yet to be discovered. Overall, these drivetrains provide ample towing power which is most crucial here.

2017 GMC Sierra side view

2017 GMC Sierra – Pricing and Competition:

Let’s say that due to varied versions of 2017 GMC Sierra, the price range will get quite extensive. Experts suggest that it may have the price range between $30,000 and $55,000. It may be released by 2016’s end.


Some other vehicles which 2017 Sierra must be aware of are the Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram etc.

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