2017 GMC Terrain Redesign, Modifications Under the Hood

The new 2017 GMC Terrain has been designed for trekking and mountain traveling purpose. This SUV is big in size and has the tire of 22 inches. These tires are manufactured by MRF with qualities such as nonslippery; it can absorb pressure, and has suspension quality. It comes with hybrid models as well. The Infotainment system which has been installed in this car in order to provide the best as because Chevrolet Equinox, Toyota RAV4, Jeep Patriot are its competitors. It has been showcased to the audience in the year 2014 at the New York Motor Show. It is reported that the curb weight is around 3792 lbs and a maximum towing capacity of 1500 lbs.

2017 GMC Terrain – Design Updates:

We can find some interesting things in the interior of this car.  The 2017 GMC Terrain features a 3.0 Bluetooth port, two USB port, Infotainment system, and hands-free communication by which one can do many operations. It also has seats which are made up of leather thus giving maximum comforts which makes the long journey possible. It has interior space to accommodate more luggage than its previous model.

It also features a Dual Dolby sound system which provides a perfect environment of the awesome sound system. There is also an LED screen which is of the size of 8.9 inches mainly used for watching movies and listening songs. Interior driver seats are 2-way adjustable seats which increase space inside the car if necessary. It also features power locks whose sensors are installed in the doors. It can also be operated using remote but the wireless feature is also available.

Exterior Appearance:

With two exhaust pipes, it pictures a sporty rear side of this car. Not only the exhaust pipes focus its appearance but also the front grille which comes into play. This 2017 GMC Terrain looks sporty, colorful and dynamic. Its aerodynamics has been designed by Honda Company. They have used materials like aluminum and carbon fibers in order to make it light weighted and fast.

It has standard ground clearance and comes out with 4 types of colors. These colors are metallic and thus, ensure that there will be no problem concerning rain and dust. Its cruise control is another important feature with rear view camera installed behind the back seat. Along with these technologies, it has roadside assistance too.

Models Available:

The 2017 GMC Terrain will be available on many trim levels. SL will be the base trim followed by SLT, SLE, and Denali. All of them are available in both Front Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive variants.

2017 GMC Terrain – Modifications Under the Hood:

This 2017 GMC Terrain will get the latest turbocharged engine with seven-speed automatic transmission. This V6 engine will have a capacity of 2.4 liters and has four-cylinder power technologies. It is recorded that this engine can produce a maximum torque of 172 lb-ft and around 182 HP. The second engine which will be given as an option is a V6 engine with a capacity of 3.6 liters having around 16 valves of variable type. This will have horsepower capacity of 301 and a torque of 272 lb-ft.

The fuel economy of this 2017 GMC Terrain is better than its previous model as it provides a mileage of 34 mpg on long highways and 25 mpg in city roads. It is seen that Terrain can accelerate around 60 mph in just 5.6 seconds which is good for an SUV.

2017 GMC Terrain – Price and Availability Date:

The new GMC Terrain is subjected to release by 17th of November, 2017. Rumoured pricing details include:

GMC Terrain Denali: Starting at $ 36,300.

GMC Terrain SL: Starting at $ 24,900.

GMC Terrain SLT: Starting at $ 30,600.

GMC Terrain SLE: Starting at $ 27,300.

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