2017 Honda Accord Sedan, Coupe, Hybrid Review

Upcoming sedan 2017 Honda Accord is a four-wheel ride popular among all the car enthusiasts. It reflects the finest technology of japan since 1976. With changing time, Honda Accord has improved too. The improvisation has always been appreciated. Its journey from the first generation (1976) to ninth generation (2013) is remarkable.

2017 Honda Accord – Interesting Facts

When Honda Accord was launched in 1976, it was a three-door hatchback with 68 HP, 93.7-inch wheelbase and a weight of 2000 pounds. CVCC technology was introduced with great fuel efficiency which resulted in good sales. Cloth seats, tachometer, intermittent wiper were not common at that time. Features like air condition, power steering were added the preceding year

2017 Honda Accord is coming up with a new generation models like Spirior in China, and Coupe in America. The name Honda is appreciated almost everywhere. Spirior is popular among Chinese people as it appears every time as an updated and advanced vehicle. Advertised pictures and videos are a matter of discussion tough and the Chinese market is eagerly waiting for the outstanding design and performance.

2017 Honda Accord coupe sounds like expertise, passion and ultimate performance in its class. Don’t you feel that Accord is the best fusion of class and sport? The chassis is long as well as broad whereas the design is curvy.

This model is especially been designed for American markets. There has been a healthy demand of Honda Accord because of its exclusiveness among its class. The new version is gearing up with more power and comfort.

As you accelerate, the usual non-hybrid one tends to whine up. But not in the case of 2017 Honda Accord hybrid version. Here acceleration is swift, gentle, silent and tremendously fast. Engine ignition makes very little sound, so little that you might not notice it. The vehicle is going to be something beyond normal, and luxury seekers are getting a lot more in an affordable price.

2017 Honda Accord rear

2017 Honda Accord – Engine Options

This upcoming version is 2.4 liter I-VTEC petroleum and gasoline engines. 4 cylinders along with direct fuel injection give 185 horsepower which is enough to blow up your mind. This beast is controlled by 9-speed DCT gearbox. Variable automatic modes are there as per driver’s convenience along with a combination of manual select and sporty mode. Two more engines will be offered one of the 3.5-liter with 287 and 252 lb-ft of torque. Also will have a hybrid 2.0 L engine with an electric motor that has a 124 kW and will generate a total of 196 horsepower.

2017 Honda Accord – New Design

Yes, there is no drastic change in exterior and interior of 2017 Honda Accord. But a detailed observation will surely notice the aggressive bumpers in the front with chrome touch on it. The redesigned bonnet and a broader windscreen is enhancing the aerodynamics and visibility of the driver. Eyes of the beast are of LED type. Even the day lights and fog lights are exclusively designed as per need. While on the back side, there are slight modifications with backlights and bumper. 2017 Honda Accord is surely coming up with more vibrant colors and new light alloy wheels with a wheelbase of 107.3 inches, length and breadth are approx 190 and 72 inches respectively. Weight will be around 3298 lbs.

If you are sitting on the driver’s seat, you might feel like you are sitting in a cockpit. Steering, dashboard, gear box and systems are tied up in a stylish way with attractive switches. Besides there is ample of space for head and leg room in both front and rear cabin. Safety measures are equipped in the car with air bags all around. For entertainment purposes, all the necessary gadgets are installed like speakers, touch screen system with amplifiers, Bluetooth and many more. Air cooling and filtering system are equipped according to the norms.

2017 Honda Accord interior

2017 Honda Accord – Release Date and Price

2017 Honda Accord will be launched by the end of 2016’s summer. Yet there is no specific notification. Within the range of 23,000 to 40,000 dollars, many good cars are available, among which Nissan Altima, Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry; Chrysler 200 can give a healthy competition in the market.

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