2017 Honda CR-Z Review

The Honda is leading multinational brand from Japan dealing all over the world with many popular models, and one of them will be the newest 2017 Honda CR-Z. It’s a 67 years old company which was incorporated in the year 1948. The Honda CR-Z will be a hybrid vehicle which has amazing design, great fuel economy, and an excellent ride control.

2017 Honda CR-Z – Major Changes and Facets:

The 2017 Honda CR-Z will have quite a good number of changes in the entire car. All notable change will first be observed in its exterior styling with the change in looks of this amazing vehicle. One will also see new interiors and a new set of an engine under the hood hidden.

Changes in External Part:

The new model will have a designed headlamps and front grille which can be observed from a distant. There will be changes in designing of its bumpers too, along with tail lamps. Overall it will have a muscular feel with its new lines running from front to rear part of its body making this hybrid vehicle trendy. The aerodynamics will play a good role in designing of this vehicle as the hybrid vehicle are known for efficiency and such a role CR-Z is also going to play.

Internal Part:

The Interior of CR-Z is something which leaves you aback and awestruck with great black finishing. The Honda CR-Z will have all new set of interiors with upgraded materials. What else you will see is a redesigned more roomy dashboard and front console. There will also be a new set of music system or multimedia. Leg rooms will also increase with added space into this hybrid.

2017 Honda CR-Z – Engine and Fuel Economy:

It will continue to have its 1.5 liters four cylinder engine clubbed with a 20 HP electric motor. It will deliver a combined output of around 130 hp. Another 2.0 Liter engine is also expected from Honda which can deliver a power of around 200 hp. Fuel economy as per test conditions ranges from 31 mpg in cities to 38 mpg on highways. 2017 Honda CR-Z as per expectations will improve to 40 mpg on highways. It has a six-speed manual transmission and is the only hybrid vehicle to have a 6-speed manual transmission.

2017 Honda CR-Z – Trims Price:

There are three models of CR-Z available in market – LX, EX, and EX-L Navi. The 2017 Honda CR-Z, LX, and base model will have a base price of around $21,000. Also, the version EX will be slightly higher at the price of around $23,000 and EX-L Navi will be priced nearly $25,000.

Competitors and Launch Date:

The prime range of competitors will be Chevrolet Volt, Toyota Prius, Ford C-max, and also Lexus CT. The exact launch date is yet unknown in the market but as per expectations and reviews by experts, the Honda is going to bring its all-new CR-Z in the third quarter of 2017.

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