2017 Honda Fit Cost and Availability

The 2017 Honda Fit is the answer to your needs if you are on a budget but still need a good Hatchback. Hatchbacks are convenient and efficient vehicles that are in demand, especially. Their prominence lies in the fact that, being light and small, it manages to explain the previously mentioned characteristics. Many new functionalities and features are expected from this new variant and when it comes to integrating best in class features into vehicles, Honda can be trusted with.

2017 Honda Fit – Changes:

There will be improvements both in terms of powertrain and styling for 2017 Fit. However, most of the changes will be due to the major reduction in weight that this variant just went through.  That includes both efficiency and handling abilities. Also, there will be an improvement in terms of space and comfort as well. Further details have been described below.

Exterior Design:

One word for 2017 Honda Fit design and styling would be excellent and also perfect to some extent. What they have managed to do with the vehicle and put into it is simply the best one can get for the price. There has been upliftment in the overall build quality of the vehicle. In terms of exterior changes it has got new Led lights, grills, and bumpers. One more thing about the exterior styling of this vehicle is that it will pretty much retain its traditional style, making as many possible updates along with that.

Interior Design:

However what is most striking is that this vehicle looks deceptively small for the space it has to offer inside. From the out, it is just any regular hatchback but inside it has got space for both passengers and cargo. That’s not all of it, there is more to it. This new variant of Fit will also come with a bunch of technological upgrades. Other than that there will some enhancements in the existing safety system, a new anti-theft feature is to be installed. Technological upgrades will include a brand new infotainment with a 7-inch touchscreen and a top notch audio unit as well.

2017 Honda Fit – Powertrain:

The 2017 Honda Fit will have a 1.5 liters inline 4 barrel unit capable of generating a decent output of 130 hp. It torque is 100 pounds per feet. The hybrid unit comes with an electric motor that enables it to produce a collective output of 150 hp.

Gear and Mileage:

So far only the average EPA ratings of this car have been available and no wonder they are amazing. Its mileage is around 31 miles per gallon for city roads and extends by 8 mpg more for highways. For the hybrid variant, it is likely to be around 86 mpg. This car’s engine is mated with a six-speed gear unit that is available to buyers in both manual and automatic options.


The 2017 Honda Fit is already in an advantageous position owing to its specs a price. Moreover, its competitors are only capable of providing a mediocre competition at best. Competitors mostly include vehicles such as:

  • Ford Fiesta
  • Mazda 2
  • Toyota Yaris
  • Chevy Sonic

2017 Honda Fit – Cost and Availability:

It has already been mentioned that 2017 Honda Fit is a vehicle that you can even afford even if you are on a budget. And it goes without saying that a car such as Fit will obviously have its advantage over the others if it is available for a lower price tag. Most hatchbacks come in exchange for a little more than Fit does.

The base variant of 2017 Honda Fit is most likely to cost somewhere around $16.000 and this will vary in increasing order as the variants change and might even extend up to $21.000.So far its estimated arrival has been scheduled some time at the end of this year i.e. 2016 but the official announcement is yet to be made.

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