2017 Honda Odyssey AWD, Release Date

After production of cars for over 20 years, Honda will celebrate their twentieth birthday by producing 2017 Honda Odyssey. As the name suggest, this car will be an AWD car which is also rumored to come out in FWD mode. This is one of the best Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPV) on the market. The Honda Odyssey AWD will be a family car with over 8 seating capacity and it is designed to go for a long journey. It has been rumored that its interior space has been increased after many complains were registered from the previous model. Odyssey finds itself in the group of minivans, which opens up a competition among Chrysler Town & Country, KIA Sedona and Toyota Sienna. It has an effective production of units this year and a good aerodynamics gives this car a good edge over the other cars.

2017 Honda Odyssey – Exterior and Interior

The 2017 Honda Odyssey will have classy LED lights and electronic doors to attract the eyes of their customers. Its shape has been changed with new aerodynamics features and software systems. It also has a new front grill with charged up LED lights in between which are kidney-shaped and has auto intensifier. There are two round exhaust pipes which are tested for auto clean technology and has carbon filter to trap any carbon gasses. The chassis or body is made up of aluminum which makes it light-giving much better records in terms of speed and acceleration. Taillights are long-lasting and bright. But, Odyssey has a low sideline which has a little problem with down guard.

One of the most astonishing parts about the interior of this car is its 8.7 inches flat LED screen which has been manufactured by Sony. There is a virtual machine inside this car which focuses upon virtual intelligence. Some critics have given a good number to this car for this case. Seats are made up of wood which are manufactured from a large town in England. It has trimmed leather which provides maximum comfort in long journeys. User controls are present in every door for better and easy access of software’s.

2017 Honda Odyssey – Engine Specs

It is said that the most important part in a car is the engine. It may look ugly from outside but internal parts must be in a good shape in order to work well. 2017 Honda Odyssey has auto inject property as it uses CTC engine version 4 and has a 3.5 liter fuel capacity tank. Due to such power engine, it has a net acceleration of 60 mph which can be achieved in just 5.6 seconds. There is a rumor that there will be a turbo charged engine for those who wants it.  It has been also rumored that the mileage of this car will be around 19 mpg in city roads and 28 mpg on long and speedy highways.

2017 Honda Odyssey – Release Date and Price

The new 2017 Honda Odyssey will be priced around $30,000. This is the price for the basic version (LX). If you want to buy 2017 Odyssey Touring Elite version, you must set a side at least $45,000. As we said there is a rumor that this Honda minivan will get AWD version. If that comes true, you must be prepared to add at least $1,500 more on your chosen trim package for the AWD version.  The release date of this fantastic MPV will be by the end of September.

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