2017 Honda S660 Price, Specs

Japanese automaker Honda is launching a new car, the 2017 Honda S660. This new model is Honda’s hope to make a forward leap in the automobile industry and market. It’s been a while since Honda enjoyed their success in respective automobile market so there is a possibility that this new model will achieve that. Being a convertible, this car does not have a predecessor, and it is an all new model. This new model will be powerful in performance and will have new advanced features which will make it a tough competition for other vehicles.

2017 Honda S660 – Body and Interior:

This new 2017 Honda S660 has a sporty look with sleek edge cuttings. This convertible will be based on the NSX platform which has very less weight as compared to other vehicle platforms. This lightweight chassis will decrease the weight of this Honda S660, which will improve its performance, fuel economy and handling.

Convertible roof of this car will be made up of thin cover to reduce the weight of this vehicle. The front grille is bold, with a dashing hood above it. The front headlights have L.E.D technology in them. Taillights at the back are stretched towards each other giving it more enhanced and modern visual.

Interior Features:

Not much has been disclosed about this vehicle by the company, so the information is very limited. It is said that this car will have seats upholstered with leather or calfskin and other fine materials to add more comfort.

Technology which can be found in the interior of this vehicle is TFT center console system, a large touchscreen display, superb quality audio system, climate controlling, satellite navigation, super responsive steering wheel, comfortable, adjustable seats, connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB.

The interior cabin of this 2017 Honda S660 is not so much spacious as it is designed to fit only two people, but the dashboard is going to have enough space.

2017 Honda S660 interior

2017 Honda S660 – Powerful Engine and Gearbox:

This all new 2017 Honda S660 Convertible will have a liter 3 cylinder gasoline engine which will be able to generate an output power of 64 horsepower and 104 pound-feet of torque.

There might also be an option of 1.0-liter turbo-generator which will be able to produce over 100 horsepower. This might be available only to the Japanese market and might not be available to U.S and European automobile markets. The available transmission systems are a six-speed manual transmission with all-wheel drive and a choice of a continuously variable transmission CVT. If this car happens to go on sale in the U.S and European markets, there will be different variants and editions available accordingly.

This convertible is designed to accommodate only two people, so the performance with the generated power by the engine is quite impressive. Acceleration of this car is 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 7 seconds or less. This Honda 2017 Honda S660 Convertible will reach its maximum speed of 135 miles per hour on full throttle

Safety Features and Competition:

Helpful technological safety features like pilot assist, modern airbags, rear parking sensors, traffic alert and cameras allow the driver to ensure safety.

There are many competitors for this Honda S660 in the market, but few of them deserves a special note like Subaru BRZ GT 86, Toyota Scion and BMW Z5.

2017 Honda S660 rear view

2017 Honda S660 – Price and Date of Release:

Price for Honda S660 concept model has not been announced right now by the company but will soon be available for sale. Price for this car will seem fair at a glance of its built quality, performance, speed, handling and comfort.

Its basic model is expected to have a price range of around $25,000. Pricing for higher trim models will vary according to the markets whether it is U.S, the European or Asian market for different versions. This 2017 Honda S660 is expected to hit the markets by the end of 2016, or sooner, but Honda will be notifying the public much earlier than that.

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