2017 Jaguar F- Type Review, Price

The F-Type is a dual seat Jaguar sports car, manufactured by British automaker (now Indian Owned) Jaguar, and a successor to the popular E-Type. Launched in 2013, F-type was initially available in soft top convertible and later as coupe. 2017 Jaguar F- Type will pack more punch under the hood, and can be expected to receive some minor tweaks all around.

2017 Jaguar F – Type – Updated Design:

Built on an all-aluminum chassis, 2017 Jaguar F- Type is all about performance and durability. No major visible changes in design (inside or outside) will be probably done; the same front fascia adorned with a trapezoidal front grille and bearing the logo, dual slit gills just ahead of front wheels on front bumper, characteristic body lines, same phenomenal rear fascia dotted with twin exhausts will be carried along to 2017 models.


However, some changes will be included in aerodynamics, and exhausts; Inconel titanium exhausts will save about 16 kilos of curb weight with a better hard edged sound. Braking mechanism, dotted with Optimal Carbon Ceramic Matrix will reduce curb weight by another 21 kilos. Riding on a 113 inch wheelbase, this 5 seat sports car will prove every other vehicle on road to be a mere infant when it comes to ‘flexing one’s muscles’.

Jaguar Lightweight Aluminum Architecture has been defined as a progressive and purposeful appearance on road; merely driving this car on road will prove that it is second to none in its segment.


Inside, the 2017 Jaguar F- Type will probably remain as it was observed on 2013 and 2014 models. Floor of this car will be covered with reversible dual facing materials: as in carpet on one side, and rubber on the other. This allows both pets and heavy equipments to be transported. More updates will be received at Geneva motor Show 2016, where it will be showcased.

2017 Jaguar F- Type interior

2017 Jaguar F- Type – Powerful Drive Trains:

2017 Jaguar F- Type SVR will be 25 horsepower more powerful than 2014 Jaguar F-Type R, and will gain another 25 Newton meters of torque over the same, thus producing a total of 575 hp and 575 Newton meters of torque. This may seem like a small increase on paper, but the car will be much faster than its predecessors. In fact, the SVR will have an acceleration of 0-62 mph in less than 3.7 seconds, in comparison to 4.1 seconds for 4 wheel drive, and 4.2 seconds for the rear wheel drive version.

The 3 liter supercharged V6 on entry level 2017 Jaguar F- type producing 340 horsepower, will be a lot less potent than the SVR, but can still punch a hole in asphalt with its output. Other known drive trains are that of S trim package, which will generate some 380 hp, and the V8 R will generate an impressive 550 horsepower of raw output.

Transmission and Suspensions:

Entry level of this Jaguar sports car models will be available with manual transmission, as well as the S models. However, higher end models from V8R and SVR will receive Jaguar 8 speed automatics. Riding on 20 inch alloy wheels, Jaguar may equip these beasts with sports suspensions (as per relevant sources).

Other Features:

Expect a whole new carbon fiber pack (optional) for the higher variants of SVR; Lozenge Quilt pattern seats, anodized aluminum paddle shifters, suede cloth-covered central electronic tools console and instrument binnacle and stiffer rear knuckles will be made available for SVR models.

The infotainment will be dominated by a 12.3 inch instrument cluster (virtual) resting on central control panel. Premium grade leather seats are equipped with both cooling and heating facilities, and can be adjusted electronically in 14 different arrangements. USB and Bluetooth connectivity are available for connectivity with other smart devices, and accessing their contacts, messaging options and other apps. Besides, a 12V socket is standard on the central panel for charging benefits.

Overall, safety factors have been upgraded, by incorporation of improved anti-roll bars, revised dampers, wider tires, adaptive dynamics; dynamic stability control and electronic power assisted steering controls.

Market Competitors:

The 2017 Jaguar F- Type will be launched in order to compete with luxury Japanese and American vehicles of same segment like Porsche 911, Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and Porsche Boxster.

2017 Jaguar F- Type rear view

2017 Jaguar F- Type – Price and Availability:

No official news has been revealed about when the F-Type coupe will hit markets. Aggressive price cuts will place the F-Type coupe at $61,400 and the convertible at $65,400.

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