2017 Lamborghini Urus SUV, Engine

The SUV is such a type in car industry which needs to be manufactured by all brands presently. SUVs are in high demand and big brothers like Porsche started producing it since 2003. Lamborghini did not wait long after that, and they started making their SUVs as well. Out of many wonderful SUVs produced by them, Urus is a very popular car. The amazing news you are going to get is the facelift of this car which will be available in the market soon as 2017 Lamborghini Urus.

2017 Lamborghini Urus – A lot of New Features:

Despite the fact that Lamborghini SUV got a weird name, appearance and performance of this car is one of the best. 2017 Lamborghini Urus has been facing lifted covering minute details this time, and the aerodynamics has been modified too. Few best engineers around the world are responsible behind this and Lamborghini promises to offer high performance and less air friction for this change in aerodynamics.


The grille portion covers considerable space in the front bumper, and the headlights are aligned with the bonnet surface. These headlights are standard size and LED make. LEDs are fast replacing traditional yellow headlights. This is because LEDs last for a longer period with least maintenance. Urus has got 18 inches alloy wheels installed with five paired spokes on each of the wheel. Ground clearance of this car is optimum, and so this car is recommended for on-road and semi off road drives. Bonnet and tail portions are smaller in this car, but you will not have to compromise on interior space. The space offered is perfect for having a comfortable ride.


Due to the rearrangement of seats and new design dashboard, leg space has been increased in this facelift. Regarding technology, 2017 Lamborghini Urus is not lagging behind at all. It has got almost all the essential components needed in today’s world. These include 8-inch touch screen, improved audio system, Bluetooth 4.0, navigation, USB port, AUX port, automatic climate control, etc.

Many of the existing consoles have been upgraded to their latest version. Technological consoles matter a lot presently as consoles set a different level of a car. A vehicle may be very powerful and provides decent performance. But it badly lags behind regarding technology. Hence, this 2017 Lamborghini Urus will not find it easy to get established in the market. There are other features in this car as well such as heated seat, more controls embedded on the steering wheel, etc. Safety has not been ignored as there are dual airbags, ABS, automatic lane Assistant, rear view camera.

2017 Lamborghini Urus interior

2017 Lamborghini Urus – Engine, Fuel Economy, and Rival:

As far as engine specification is concerned, 2017 Lamborghini Urus has got a 4.0-liter engine as the base version. This engine can produce a power of up to 600 HP, which is just unbelievable. In all probability, there will be other versions of the engine too. Those will feature either a lower version of the engine compared to the base or higher version of it. This car takes around 4 seconds of time to reach 60 mph from 0. Exact fuel economy has not yet been revealed, but it will obviously be more than what existing versions have.


Main competitors of 2017 Lamborghini Urus are Bentley Bentayga and Porsche Cayenne. Other competitors are BMW X6, Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG and Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged. The Lamborghini is having high hopes for this car. They believe that this car can become the flagship facelifted car for the year 2017.


Most probably platform of this car will be replaced by latest lightweight platform. These platforms are in high demand. After the platform is used, there are will boost performance as well as a boost of fuel economy. The idea is not very traditional. The platform is light weight indeed, but it will be strong enough to carry the entire curb weight.

2017 Lamborghini Urus rear

2017 Lamborghini Urus – Price and Release Date:

Motoring, an Australian magazine says that this particular SUV has got the potentials to become world’s most dynamic nature SUV and one of the fastest too. 2017 Lamborghini Urus has been fixed with a price of around $150,000 for the base version, and it will reach up to $200,000. This car is supposed to hit the market by the beginning of next year.

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