2017 Lexus LC Coupe Review, Price

Japanese luxury brand Lexus has excited and inspired enthusiasts with some of the most sought after cars in recent times. Innovative technology and stylish exterior designs that combine performance and appeal, Lexus cars are always a shade above others. This 2017 Lexus LC Coupe, was initially unveiled at 2012 Detroit Auto Show as a prototype luxury coupe, is now set to become their flagship model, overtaking their current flagship coupe, the RC.

There can be few doubts about Lexus’ intentions with this car, and their plans to turn this to a formidable sports coupe. There has been considerable speculation regarding whether LC Coupe will have the same sporting lineage and performance value as famed and immensely successful LF-A. Despite these rumours it seems the LC Coupe might only take a leaf out of its chassis and aerodynamic contouring that has been the subject of debate amongst enthusiasts for quite a while now.

While LF-A was a thoroughbred supercar, the same sort of performance and drivetrain capabilities can hardly be expected of the 2017 Lexus LC Coupe, nor could one expect to find the extensive use of carbon fibre as with the LF-A. This posh new coupe is being expected to be based on a more resized and compact version of the platform on which the next generation LS was based.

Since a production of the SC was halted around 5 years back, the LC maybe coming to fill up that void and take its mantle, and perhaps be preparing already to be pitted against competitors like BMW 6 Series, Mercedes-Benz SL-Class, Maserti Gran Turismo, Jaguar F-Type and Porsche 911.

2017 Lexus LC Coupe – A lot of New Features

The exteriors of this 2017 Lexus LC Coupe give it the looks of an exquisite sedan with an unmistakable sports car form factor. For an average sports sedan, the chassis styling of the 2017 LC Coupe exhibits the exact body aesthetics that Lexus had drawn out for their sedans more than 3 years back and also indicate that this may follow for future models that are to come.

In front fascia the TRI-LED headlamps give a hawkish look, like those found in RC F Coupe, the characteristic spindle grille comes in with brilliant chrome gloss finish. Some really appealing vertically cut air intakes flank either side below the headlights, beside a wheel-curve on the door frame and another at the base of the rear fender. Boomerang like taillights on the rear end are very sporty and unconventional. Flush door handles have been added.

Interior designs are a complete winner in this 2017 Lexus LC Coupe. Cabin is driver eccentric, meaning all instruments on the dashboard cluster and console, accessories and utility features are conveniently and smartly arranged around the driver to make him feel in control and easily access them without reaching out.

An 8 inch touchscreen infotainment panel controls active cruise control, advanced navigation, satellite and internet radio and has a host of connectivity features like smart phone and iPhone ports, HDMI, AUX, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Racing grade steering wheel can be conveniently adjusted and the steering info cluster comes in bright LED touchscreen interface. The seats are fashioned with warm cream toned premium leather upholstery, which is also used on the door panels, floor mats and the roof. Safety features in the 2017 Lexus LC Coupe include side curtain and dual front airbags for all seats, rear parking monitors, rear blind spot monitor, collision warning system etc.

2017 Lexus LC Coupe interior

2017 Lexus LC Coupe – Powertrain

There are a couple of speculations surrounding the trim variations for the powertrain setup that will be incorporated in the 2017 Lexus LC Coupe, including the possibility of a 5.0 liter turbo charged V8 engine that gives 500 HP that uses rear wheel drive, and there are chances of an electric motor being infused with this setup.

Combined output of this setup is 600 HP. The other option that could be there is a 3.5 liter V6 engine that puts out 350 HP. Either options for the drivetrain will come fitted to a 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission gearbox.

2017 Lexus LC Coupe side

2017 Lexus LC Coupe – Release Date and Price

There is very few guesses to arrive at an exact estimation for the debut of the 2017 Lexus LC Coupe but the car could easily cost anywhere between $80,000 and $100,000.

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