2017 Lexus LS Features, Price

The Lexus LS is a full size luxury sedan manufactured by Toyota’s luxury car division, Lexus. The car was first launched in 1989. The sedan has seen through four generations of market presence, the current models being the 4th generation models. A 5th generation model, 2017 Lexus LS will add to the company’s luxury car flagship lineup with a sportier look and upgraded power trains.

2017 Lexus LS – Design Specs

The new generation 2017 Lexus LS will receive a redesigned front end with characteristic large front hourglass grille and sharp angular LED headlamps. The rest of the body will feature a more calm body line statement than the aggressive front end.

A longer wheelbase model may be in the line for incorporation of planned hydrogen powered model, to support the heavy dual hydrogen tanks.

The interiors will bear all the comfort levels of current 2017 Lexus LS models: stretched out premium quality leather seats for maximum leg room with heating and ventilation support, upgraded infotainment with state of the art audio systems and ambient LED lighting will be standard.

2017 Lexus LS interior

2017 Lexus LS – Engine Offerings

The base model 2017 Lexus LS offering will be a new 465 horsepower V8 engine, a straight 80 horsepower more than the current entry-level LS 460. Those who are looking for more power, a gasoline electric hybrid system consisting of the above mentioned V8 and electric compact motor is available, with a combined power output of 535 horsepower, about 100 horses more than LS 600h L which is currently available in market.

Sources have revealed about a hydrogen powered drive train in the later models of LS. Derived from the drive train of Toyota Mirai, the engine will showcase large dual hydrogen tanks and an electric motor of 295 horsepower.

Another speculated drive train in line is a LS F high performance car with twin turbocharged 5.0 liter Lexus V8 with a potential of about 600 horsepower.

Transmission Package

No confirmed news about the transmission has been revealed yet. The car will be offered in standard rear wheel drive version, with an optional 4 wheel drive.

Added Features

A senior Lexus executive told the British automobile magazine Autocar that the “auto will remain the range’s zenith and have the most astounding value point”. This proposes even smarter LS than current models.

2015 Lexus LS received an upgraded infotainment facility equipped with a larger touch screen interface, iHeartRadio 4, Slacker music service with more music choices, improved navigation support via upgraded predictive traffic information, ETA calculation, low fuel coordination with available fuel stations and 3D Bird’s Eye Map.

The 2017 Lexus LS electronic backbone received software updates so that it can be more compatible with smart phones. The Lexus Enform Remote with one year default subscription can control key car elements like door locks, remote engine ignition, vehicle finder function, climate control and even guest driver monitor. All these will be standard in the upcoming LS, with more features hidden in the company’s sleeve.

Standard safety features in all Lexus models include:

  • Advanced pre collision system with pedestrian detection.
  • Lexus Enform Safety Connect for any type of emergency like stolen vehicle.
  • Lane keeping assists.
  • Rigid body structure with crumple zones to dissipate force of collision.
  • All speed dynamic radar cruise control.
  • High performance Brembo brakes.
  • Backup camera with dynamic gridlines.
  • Windshield wiper devices.
  • Hill start assists control.
  • Intelligent high beam headlamps.
  • Intuitive parking assists.
  • Direct tire pressure monitor system.
  • Active front headrests; vehicle dynamics integrated management.
  • Headlamp washers.

Industrial Significance of Lexus LS

2017 Lexus LS demarcated the first successful entry of a Japanese automaker into prestigious luxury car arena, a sector long dominated by European and American brands like Mercedes and Cadillac. Lexus overtook Mercedes-Benz and BMW in all-America sales with its tops selling LS 400 model in 1991 and surpassed Cadillac in 2000 as luxury sales leader in the world’s largest auto market. In retaliation, Mercedes had to reorganize its operations and shifted to a targeted cost process production method similar to that of Lexus.

Introduction of 2017 Lexus LS heightened Toyota’s image from a manufacturer of small fuel-efficient economy cars to manufacturer of automotive standard-bearer. This remains a classic example of mainstream manufacturers successfully targeting upscale segments.

2017 Lexus LS side

2017 Lexus LS – Price and Availability

The 2017 Lexus LS will be available from late 2016 with a base price of $85,000.

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