2017 Lexus SC Price, Coupe

Mesmerizing design of LF-LC, presented in 2012 Detroit Motor Show has boosted expectation for 2017 Lexus SC. It is expected that the manufacturers are going to leave no stone upturned for principle designing of this car. Once this car is marketed, undoubtedly it will catch the fancy of a large segment. To believe the rumors, this vehicle is going to change the concept of car design. Needless to say, one should feel interested to know the essential features of this car.

2017 Lexus SC – Exterior and Interior Changes

Though we are uncertain what material is going to be used for manufacturing the coupe of 2017 Lexus SC, yet to address different speculations, the body may be made of aluminium or carbon fibre. It will certainly improve the performance of this car. Having been quite swift in its approaches, this car reduces friction while moving forward. Aerodynamic design of this car with powerful front and LED embedded headlights, which enable it to run in daylight, and a spindle grill are ready to attract your attention. With a huge back and big front window, a larger room is available in the cabin. Double door cabin with a tiny back-end, lets the driver feel like he’s driving a convertible. Some unofficial sources state that this car is, in fact, going to be launched in convertible form as well.

Nothing has yet been officially confirmed about interior of 2017 Lexus SC. But it can easily be assumed that to match the gorgeous exterior part, manufacturers are going to design the interior exquisitely. All ultra-modern facilities and technologies are expected to be seen in this car. The biggest challenge before manufacturers is to ensure utmost safety. Wi-Fi enabled infotainment system is ready to keep the passengers entertained always. Apart from that, collision alert and lane departure warning are other noteworthy amenities. The manufacturers have always looked forward to ensuring comfort for the passengers.

Fanciful design and comfortable interior is literally fanciful for this car. Considering its predecessors, approach of this car is undoubtedly provocative. To believe the news, a profound sound system is also going to be installed. The car makers appear to be quite confident in their choice of decorating the inside of the car.

2017 Lexus SC interior

2017 Lexus SC – Powertrain

To the buyers, basic demand from 2017 Lexus SC is performance. Therefore, the manufacturers are needed to design the powerhouse in a sophisticated manner. There are two different assumptions about the possible engine of this car. Probable characteristics of the first assumption states:

  • Like RC-F Lexus available in the market, it is expected that 2017 Lexus SC will have a V8 8.0-liter engine.
  • An output of 475 hp is generated by this engine.
  • To reduce fuel economy and in order to perform exquisitely, the manufacturers are going to install ten-speed automatic transmission system.

Another assumption states:

  • A V6 5.0-litre hybrid engine is going to be installed in this car.
  • The engine will generate more than 500 HP in hybrid mode.

It is expected that Lexus SC will come with rear wheel drive. However, the manufacturers are aiming at providing all-wheel drive facilities later on. Less fuel consumption rate is anticipated for this car only to maintain its light weight.

Unless the automaker confirms the actual specifications, there will be dilemma that whether assumptions are right or wrong.

According to the news, for 2017 Lexus SC, Aston Martin or Bentley cars are going to be the main competitors. Besides, to some of the market analysts, Mercedes-Benz SL Series and BMW 6-Series are going to be the main competitors. However, it is sure that in sophistication, technical advancement and mechanical features, there are a few car companies which can match this quality.

2017 Lexus SC rear

2017 Lexus SC – Release Date and Price

No official confirmation of release date and price has yet been made. However, anticipations say that 2017 Lexus SC may come to the market towards the end of 2016 or during first quarter of 2017. As this car embeds a number of exquisite features, it needs to be stated that price may start from $70,000 and can go up to $150,000. Of course, price will vary based on the models and features of this car. Unless the car is marketed, one can hardly predict its price.

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