2017 Mercedes C-class Coupe

The Mercedes are all set for its new launch the 2017 Mercedes C-class coupe which will again beat all market records with its profits and sales. All previous car models of Mercedes are really loved by people and it is in high demand even now. This new launch of the Mercedes C-class is launched not only to avoid some problems in the previous once but just to meet the increasing demand for this car. Mercedes have some of the best compact cars in C-class and was first produced or manufactured by Daimler AG. The first class was launched in 1993 due to urgent need and demand of the people for better cars. All the cars in C-class are made or manufactured at Mercedes factories which are in Sindelfingen and Bremen, Germany and there are other outlets as well in other countries.

2017 Mercedes C-class Coupe – Strikingly Beautiful:

The Mercedes came up with its first launch of C-class Sedan on 1993 and the second and third generation of this launch was introduced in 2000, 2007 respectively. With its entire new launch Mercedes come up with some new innovations in its car that people would like. In 2012 this C-class sedan was replaced by C-class Coupe. The recent launches of this C-class Mercedes were 2015 Mercedes C-class coupe and 2016 Mercedes C-class coupe. Now it is coming up with 2017 Mercedes C-class Coupe with some more innovations in its design and style.

This new C-class Coupe is larger than its previous versions and the move towards this new invention was made in terms of its style especially the interior design. This 2017 Mercedes C-class Coupe will have a modern look and will be more expensive than its previous models. This new car is ready to rule the market like its previous versions and will ride on the road as one of the finest cars. It will continue the philosophy of capturing the market like other C-class Coupe.

Modifications made to improve the comfort level:

There are various changes made in this new C-class Coupe to improve its look, design, fuel power and its market coverage. The most common changes made are as follows:

  • The new 2017 Mercedes C-class Coupe has been constructed with lighter materials in order to reduce its weight, road noise and vibrations during driving. This will help to increase the pleasure of driving.
  • The size of the car has been increased by about 2.4 inches between the firewall and front axle.
  • Character line of the two-door has been extended even further on the rear axle. This was done to prevent the car from having the slinking profile. This will help to make the car different from others.
  • This car has led headlights, a GPS system to help control climate and detects the position of tunnels.
  • Wheels of this C-class Coupe are AMG designed wheels and of 18 inch and have a sports suspension.
  • Interior of this C-class Mercedes is as beautiful as its previous versions with lower sports seats and the head, shoulder and elbow space has been increased.
  • The total width of the car has been increased by about 1.6 inches and the length has been increased by 3.7 inches.
  • Other features are included such as cruise and Distronic control, auto braking and have a 7- inch display screen.

Thus this 2017 Mercedes C-class Coupe is not doubted a very good car with a parking-assistance and a camera with 360-degree viewing power. This car is available in different colors like nut-brown combined with black and saddle brown. This will give the car a different classy look.

2017 Mercedes C-class Coupe interior

2017 Mercedes C-class Coupe – Modifications  in the Engine:

  • A base engine has four cylinders with a capacity of 2.0-liter.
  • With the power of engine 241 HP and delivers 273 lb-ft torque.
  • Top speed for 2.0-liter engine will be 155 mph, with accelerate from 0-62 mph in 6 seconds.
  • 503-hp 4.0-liter V-8 will power the AMG GT.

2017 Mercedes C-class Coupe rear view

2017 Mercedes C-class Coupe – Expected Price and Release:

The price of the 2017 Mercedes C-class Coupe will be around $ 40,000. The car is presented in two different types one is rear-drive C300 and other is all-wheel-drive C300 4Matic both with the same power and efficiency. The exact launching date of this 2017 Mercedes C-class Coupe is not yet known but it will be available in U.S market from spring of 2016.

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