2017 Mercedes E-Class Wagon, Coupe

The ever popular Mercedes-Benz E-Class will be even more refined to represent luxury like never before. For the upcoming model year, the 2017 Mercedes E-Class will be available in three versions namely – coupe, wagon, and cabriolet. Keeping the underlying theme same, the German automaker will be looking forward to getting a significant world of the stake in this market in all these three segments. Changes over the previous version should be noticeable in terms of aesthetic visuals, technology features in the car’s interior, and modified powertrain options that are tweaked for individual tastes and preferences.

Salient Features of – 2017 Mercedes E-Class Coupe

This version will be equipped with a 3 L V6 engine that should be able to produce horsepower ranging from 242 to 270, another version is in the making that will house a 2 L turbocharged petrol unit that will produce capable horsepower and combination. These images are paired with a 9-speed automatic gearbox and be available on all wheel and rear wheel drive formats.

Speaking of the car’s interior and exterior visuals, this family vehicle will have an overdose of luxury elements that Mercedes is known for. Expect LED lights, redesigned grille, and our other body features that were not found in the previous version.

Features of – 2017 Mercedes E-Class Wagon

The special feature of the Cabriolet version is that it has carried forward its boxy design and implement and more giving space to accommodate all passengers comfortably. It is said to have storage space ranging between 695 L to 1900 L and have a body shape that is overall 5 m greater in length. Weight will reduce by 100 KG because of which the car will be better fuel efficient.

Speaking of the engine, a six-cylinder petrol engine will be fitted to the base model replacing the original V6 engine that ran on diesel. A hybrid version might up later posting of a V8 bi-turbo engines combine with electric motors.

Features of – 2017 Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet

The luxurious cabriolet will be a class apart of its own as it will house two powerful engine variations that churn out the exceptional level of performance. For the E400 model, there will be a 3.6 L V6 engine generating 329 hp while the E550 model will come with a 3 L variant that can generate 400 HP. Needless to say, both these engines will be extremely fuel-efficient since it is considered to be of the essence.

Some additional features that you will find are prevention assist plus, leather seats, outstanding, system, convertible soft top, and noise free rides to ensure maximum comfort for all the passengers.

2017 Mercedes E-Class – Release Date and Price

As we inch closer to the date of its release, it still remains unknown to us that exactly when these three versions of 2017 Mercedes E-Class will be released. According to our estimations, we will be able to see arriving at the market faster than the other two versions. The price will be in the range of $53,00 to $ 102,000.

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