2017 Mercedes GLC Price and Competition

The coupe market is hugely contested and cars from this branch of the automobile market are a class above the rest. No wonder, the biggest names feature with their best products in the market. European giants, especially those from Germany like BMW and Mercedes are masters of producing excellent coupes. With such a high reputation, every time they try to introduce something new in the market there are huge expectations from each of these products. This time around, Mercedes is coming along with an updated version of their popular SUV- 2017 Mercedes GLC. A lot is expected from this vehicle and hopefully, the manufacturers will not blow it.

2017 Mercedes GLC – Base Model Looks like Premium Trim:

What is so exciting and so good about this exclusive new 2017 Mercedes GLC is the fact that it is very customer friendly. No other company would provide a car such as this Mercedes GLC which has top class premium features in it when other cars can only dream of having such features exclusively in their premium trims. Some very notable features include things like keyless entry and power seat for the driver.

This SUV also has a camera at the back in order to assist in reversing. ABS and automatic braking in case of emergency have also been duly installed. The suspension is very sporty in case you are wondering to go on an adventurous trip. Safety features have also been installed keeping in mind the concern for the commuters’ safety. Adaptive cruise control and steering wheel assist are some of the most notable premium safety features available even in this base model.

2017 Mercedes GLC – Powerful Machines Under the Hood:

This brand new edition of 2017 Mercedes GLC comes with two variants of an engine under its hood which is going to vary according to the type of car which either you choose or your pocket permits. The lower power one is a 241 hp unit which is turbocharged and has four cylinders. This engine will be found abroad the GLC300 version of Mercedes GLC which is more of a coupe vehicle and is optimized for subtlety.

The engine option with the higher power option is a 362 hp engine. It has an additional powerful twin turbocharger. This engine option is bigger and has six large cylinders helping it to achieve a higher power mark. This engine will be found under the hood of the GLC43 variant of 2017 GLC which is a version optimized for sport.

2017 Mercedes GLC – Price and Competition:

Although it is yet too early to say anything about the prices of 2017 Mercedes GLC, experts are assuming it to be within budget as it has to break the ice and take over BMW X4. According to speculations, prices of this 2017 GLC are to fall within $40,000-$45,000.


This 2017 version of Mercedes GLC is something more like a half coupe, half SUV. This brand new 2017 GLC has been built keeping in mind the competition. Its main competitor is its German counterpart, BMW X4. This will be a tough standoff and we will be eagerly watching to see who emerges as the winner.

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