2017 Mercedes GLS SUV Review

As Mercedes plans to unveil one of his popular models, people across the world get even more excited about the prospect that this car may bring. Having being in the making for quite some time now, the 2017 Mercedes GLS promises to bring a host of new features that will change the look of its outer body, the interior team, and the cars parked in configuration. This new generation vehicle will likely have less of a because of the new platform due to which better all-around performance as well fuel economy can be expected. This family SUV is intended for those who have a passion for riding classy vehicles.

2017 Mercedes GLS – Exterior and Interior Design

As stunning as this car may look, the 2017 Mercedes GLS doesn’t compromise on build quality. Speculated to weigh around 150 KG-less than its previous version, around 20% fuel consumption is likely to happen. As far as cosmetic changes are concerned, the outer body will get plenty of lines to add more detailing as well as make it look more aggressive. A remodeled grill will be offered along with larger front bumpers, LED lights will be implanted on both front and rear sides and the backside will get a sloping appearance. This is usually with little in the ‘Tuscaloosa plant’ located in Alabama. 18-inch alloy wheels will make an appearance this time around; she looks marvelous while in motion.

Interior changes:

The cabin space of this vehicle has got to allow passengers better seats as well as better technological equipment to ride out their journey. There is simply nothing that the 2017 Mercedes GLS lacks that can prove to be a cause of underwhelming response to sales. Most features will be based according to your choice in trim, these include leather seats, power front seats, Dual-zone Climate control, and additional dashboard features. Mercedes has made sure that there is no lack of infotainment and safety features.

Speaking of safety features, you can expect to have satellite navigation, rear parking sensors, lane departure warning, and safety airbags for passengers, etc. A splendid audio system will make its way as the cars infotainment feature.

2017 Mercedes GLS – Engine and performance

Even though the information available is not entirely accurate, the news has been delivered by our informers that this model will feature two powertrain configurations. The base version of 2017 Mercedes GLS will have a V8 4.7 L engine that can produce a maximum of 356 hp and torque of 339 lb-ft. The more powerful version will be a V8 5.5 L unit producing around 380 HP and 391 lb-ft of torque. Speaking of transmission, you will most likely get an all wheel drive mated to a 7- speed dual clutch system.

2017 Mercedes GLS – Price and Release

While the manufacturer has yet not released any statement regarding price and release, we can make an accurate description that the 2017 Mercedes GLS will probably release towards the end of 2016 at a price slightly higher than its predecessors.

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