2017 Nissan Silvia Rumors, Price, Release Date

As of now how much is known from the reliable sources of automobile industry is that all-new 2017 Nissan Silvia will be launched in late 2016. Buyers will be informed in detailed regarding its launch date and specific price tags once the company reveals any of the information. If you are a car lover, then it is quite obvious that you are waiting so long for the launch of new Nissan Silvia because it is one of the most gossiped topics in the streets of car circuits. The interesting part is that this particular model is out of production for the last thirteen years, but now rumors are there that it will soon be launched. Japanese auto manufacturers Nissan used to place the name Silvia for its sports coupe.

Brief History:

So far Silvia series has been the best-renowned vehicle in the line-up of Nissan, since after its production way back in 1964. It is speculated that this new Nissan Silvia will be based on the Nissan IDx concept, which was another successful creation from Nissan. There are numerous rumors in the market about the launch of this car like this car might be smaller in size as compared to the upcoming Z car model.

2017 Nissan Silvia – Exterior Design

  • Based on the concept of Nissan
  • Stylish features just like Nissan Sports Sedan.
  • Exclusive exterior design.
  • Double exhaust pipes and a new spoiler.

As 2017 Nissan Silvia is one of the famous models in its days, so rumours are there that Silvia will pay homage to its predecessors and old racers from its time like Datsun 510 car. One of the most famous speculations about this car is that its construction will be based on concept of Nissan IDx and if it happens then buyers will get to see shorter version. Most interestingly, IDx concept uses the rear wheel technology that could be an added advantage for this new car.

It is also rumored that Silvia is going to have certain changes and stylish features just like Nissan Sports Sedan. The model of Silvia will be much lighter as compared to its previous models. Nissan is anticipated to give an exclusive exterior design to its users since many speculations are there about this famous sports car. The 2017 Nissan Silvia will also allure a large section of interested buyers with its fascinating features and with the combination of sports and old racers.

Interior Specifications and Safety aspects

  • Touch of retro style in its cabin.
  • Enough space in the cabin logs
  • Cabin with advanced technological features.
  • Well driver oriented.

Similar to exterior design of 2017 Nissan Silvia, interior style is also awaited for its potential buyers. Although nothing has been revealed by the company and nothing definite could be known from the reliable sources. Depending on the speculations it is said that this car will definitely have a touch of retro in its cabin. This time, the inner cabin would be much spacious so that it can easily accommodate five persons.

A large touch screen is also placed in the interior of 2017 Nissan Silvia, so that the driver should completely on driving. Along with that, there are upgraded features like SAT-NAV infotainment system, Bluetooth connectivity, high-quality audio and stereo system with USB ports. Considering the safety aspects, this car is enabled with the features like navigation, blind spot monitoring, ABS and many other features that ensure safety of its passengers.

2017 Nissan Silvia

2017 Nissan Silvia – Engine Specs and Fuel Economy

  • Equipped with two different engines with different attributes.
  • 2-liter supercharged gasoline engine.
  • 6-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine.
  • Both the engines paired with 6 or 8-speed auto transmission.
  • Top speed recorded as 130 mph.
  • It can accelerate 0-60 mph in just 7 seconds.

Nissan has given a powerful powertrain to this new car with two different set of engines along with different displacements. The second choice is the 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that can generate 200 hp and a torque of 217 lb-ft. The engines are also combined with 8-speed auto transmission that will deliver excellent fuel economy and will consume less fuel. However, nothing much has been revealed about the fuel efficiency about 2017 Nissan Silvia.

2017 Nissan Silvia front

2017 Nissan Silvia – Release Date and Price

So 2017 Nissan Silvia is much-awaited car for its potential buyers and car lovers because there is something more involved with this car apart from the thrill and its adventure.

Expected Price: Ranges between$ 40,000 to $ 50,000.

Expected date of release: Late 2016 or beginning of the 2017.

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