2017 Pontiac GTO Judge

About fifty years ago, in Michigan area, the Pontiac GTO came into existence as an American legend. Its life got short lived as it ended in 1974 and got reintroduced in 2004 and stayed on the market for three years. For the young generation, the Pontiac GTO is nothing but a dead and buried car that is forgotten and that which can only get read in the history of cars. The good news is that Pontiac is alive and ready to take over the market by storm with the new 2017 Pontiac GTO Judge.

The Pontiac GTO 2014 seems to be the judge in the field and is back courtesy of some guys at Trans Am Depot. The ’Judge’ will come with nose muscle cars and being an arrowhead. The 2014 Judge got made to have the 6T9 Goat and seemed as if the 1969 Pontiac GTO got reborn in the market. With the 2014 model coming into the car market, it offered car lovers great features that made it rock the market. It came with V8 power and a rear-wheel drive and a good one worth purchasing.

After the 2014 Judge exited the market, the manufacturers have gone to the production again, and they plan to announce the new model for the car lovers. The 2017 Pontiac GTO Judge is in the making and here are some of the things that make it a great car.

What can we expect from new 2017 Pontiac GTO Judge?

The 2017 Pontiac GTO Judge is expected to come with the option of two engines. It will have a supercharged V8 engine as well as the V6 cylinder engine. It is also economical with fuel with the 6-speed manual transmission.

It is expected to hit the market in the late 2016 or early 2017. Although no official and clear communication has been made, the car will be trading in the market at a price between $35,000 and $40,000. However, for the models with more features, it will cost more. For those who love cars and would love to have this car, they will wait a little more before the car gets into the market.

We believe and have a hope that this fantastic coupe will come into the serial production by the end of next year, however we can’t say for sure that this will be the case.

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