2017 Porsche Mission-E Review

The 2017 Porsche Mission-E is a beautiful all-electric sedan that will no doubt be one of the top most appealing and eco-friendly vehicles once it gets released. The vehicle comes with a modern appearance that evidently announces its style and elegance. Equipped with high-quality features, the interior of the 2017 Porsche Mission-E promises maximum comfort for its users. It also makes its use more convenient. What mostly makes it unique, more reliable and appealing is the presence of a high drive train in its make. Although it will maintain several features of its predecessors, it comes with a number of extra new features that make it an environmentally friendly vehicle.

2017 Porsche Mission-E – Modernized Design:

The vehicle is fitted with a modernized climate control system to regulate the vehicle’s interior temperature. A state-of-the-art infotainment system with an FM/AM radio is also present for quality entertainment. Other internal features include a large touch screen on the dashboard that can be used for controlling and monitoring different features of the vehicle such as the power level. Automatic airbags and security belts are also available for security in case of an accident. Different connection alternatives available include a Bluetooth, USB ports, 4G Internet, Wi-Fi and a cellular phone integration. The seats are premium leather-covered. The seats have enough space between them and they use the heating technology for easy movement and adjustment.

Exterior Design:

The outside features include matrix-LED headlights. These headlights enhance visibility and appearance. They also ensure that there is an economized power consumption. The front nose is smaller than that of the previous model. On the rear of the vehicle is a tail light strip that stretches all over the entire vehicle. Batteries have been placed on the vehicle’s lower area for a reduced gravity and weight. The 18-inch alloy wheels and the vehicle’s suspension work hand-in-hand for an improved driving dynamic.

2017 Porsche Mission-E – Engine Performance:

The vehicle derives its power from 2 electric motors working with a pack of batteries which are mounted on the underbody of the car. The system produces 800 volts of power capable of generating 600 hp. The battery is charged by a Porsche turbocharging which charges the battery in fifteen minutes from 0% to 80%. The battery has an average range of 310 miles. In just 3.5 seconds, it can accelerate from 0-60 mph. For maximum output, the electric motors offer power to all the four wheels.

2017 Porsche Mission-E – Price and Release Date:

Although there is no official communication about the 2017 Porsche Mission-E MSRP, the vehicle is expected to sell at around $144,000 when it initially hits the US market. This price will not cover the transportation costs and the cost of the license.

As of now, the production of this vehicle is still underway. However, the 2017 Porsche Mission-E is expected to be released to the US market during the first months of the year 2017, mostly mid-February. It is not yet clear when the vehicle will hit markets outside the US.

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