2017 Toyota Avalon Changes, Release Date

The 2017 Toyota Avalon will be revealed to the audience in the Chicago, Illinois Auto Show. This Variety of cars is silent killers. The exterior designs are not too flashy, yet engineers succeed in delivering powerful engines and smooth driving features.

2017 Toyota Avalon – A lots of New Features:

There has been previous complaints about the shortage in cabin space, but now engineers have confirmed that this issue has been solved. This new model will have four different trim levels which are:

  • Toyota Avalon XLE.
  • Toyota Avalon XLE Touring.
  • Toyota Avalon XLE Limited.
  • And Toyota Avalon XLE Premium.

The body design of 2017 Toyota Avalon is expected to get a few makeovers, especially in the front fascia. Safety features will be in full action along with good luggage space. Seats are quite comfortable due to the use of premium quality leathers.

2017 Toyota Avalon coupe makers will not make any major changes in the exterior body design of this car. Only the front bumper along with headlight designs will be tweaked to some extent. Bumper carries the daytime running lights and the fog lights. Grille design is unique and its looks classy with the Toyota Logo on it. Headlights along with tail light and daytime running lights have been equipped with LED technology. Wheelbases are broader and new 18 inches wheel have been installed which are made of strong metal. The whole body design is more streamlined to adjust with the competitive market. Even with the simple body design, this car has a matter of elegance on it.

Interior modifications are visible on the dashboard where the infotainment system has been revamped. Toyota’s famous Neptune System is present in the infotainment system. The LCD touchscreen has many multi-functional features like seats warming feature, Lane assists, Climate controls and much more. Satellite navigation system will make traveling faster than earlier. Hence excess fuel consumption will be prevented and destinations would be reached faster than earlier.

Bluetooth connections will be present and the sound system will contain eighteen speakers. The speakers will be of JBL brand which is quite famous worldwide. Wi-Fi services might also be present but these are con confirmation on this news. In 2017 Toyota Avalon cabin space issue has been solved after previous complaints from riders. Stylish bird eye roof will feature in this model along with animal skin upholstery for seats. Journeys will be more comfortable than before with new auto brake sensors that will prevent the collision. Airbags will ensure overall safety along with the present of blind spot detectors.

2017 Toyota Avalon interior

2017 Toyota Avalon – Engine Performance:

2017 Toyota Avalon will provide one engine choice for the base models which will be 3.5 liters powered V6 unit. Horsepower generated will be adequate and will be of 268 HP. The torque of 250 Pound-Feet will be obtained from this drive train.

In higher trim levels Atkinson cycle powered hydrocarbon engines will be used which will have 2.5-liter fuel capacity. This engine configuration will generate 200 HP and 220 lb-ft torque.

Engineers have not specified the mode of transmission for these engines, but it is expected that both engines would have the automatic six-speed automatic transmission. There have been no detailed revelations on fuel economy but fans can expect a positive result. The fuel efficiency of 2017 Toyota Avalon will probably be high since fuel consumption will be checked. Acceleration will be quite fast with an estimated capacity of reaching 60 miles per hour in just 5 seconds. Maximum speed limit is yet to be revealed by the engineers. Carbon emission will definitely be less than those of previous models hence pollution rates would be less.


  • Hyundai Azera.
  • Chevy Impala.
  • Hyundai Genesis.
  • Lincoln MKZ.
  • Buick LaCrosse.

2017 Toyota Avalon side view


2017 Toyota Avalon – Expected Price and Release Date:

2017 Toyota Avalon manufacturers have not provided any official statement on the price or release date of this new car. But according to many speculations, it is expected that this car might be launched in the market in the latter half of 2016. There is also a possibility of holding back launch date till 2017. But there will not be any further delay other than this date.

Price range is going to be optimum and according to many rumors the base models would be priced in between $30,000-$34,000. The higher trim levels would have price fixed at $40,000. But prices might also be higher considering the use of Atkinson Cycle Hydrocarbon Engine which is very costly.

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