2017 Toyota Hilux Review, Price

This 2017 Toyota Hilux packs everything in itself. Whenever Toyota launches a new model every year, they make sure that the models do not have any kind of snag in them. This new Toyota Hilux 2017 is an innovative pickup truck. This pickup truck will be made much better than its previous version models in terms of performance as this new Toyota Hilux has new drivetrain options. Below are some details about this upcoming Toyota truck.

2017 Toyota Hilux – Drivetrain Specification

This new 2017 Toyota Hilux has different engine options which have different output ratings, these engines are sure to give this pickup truck a better performance. There will be a 2.7 liter 4 cylinder engine as the first choice.This 2.7 liter 4 cylinder engine will be generating a considerable amount of 180 horsepower and 140 pound-feet of torque. To give higher output ratings, a 2.8-liter drivetrain variant will be used.

This unit can give an output of 221 pound-feet of torque and 160 horsepower. Another drivetrain option would be a 3.0-liter engine which will give even higher output figures. These new engine options will increase the efficiency of this pickup truck by 10%. A six speed automatic or a six-speed manual transmission system will be used in this new Toyota Hilux 2017 model.

2017 Toyota Hilux rear

2017 Toyota Hilux – Interior and Exterior Design

This 2017 Hilux pickup truck has a modern interior cabin with all the features that are modern and can be found in most of the latest vehicles. Accommodation in this interior cabin will be up to a maximum of 5 people. The seats are upholstered with high-quality materials including leather. A new audio system is going to be added to this interior cabin. The climate control system has been improved and this climate control system distributed equal air conditioning throughout this interior cabin. New control button are added onto the steering wheel and center console. The seats have been featured with heating and power adjustment. An upgraded infotainment system will be added to this cabin. Cup holders have been placed in front of the gear shifter; the door panels, dashboard and the rest of this interior cabin have similar material upholstery. This interior cabin is going to be lit up by L.E.D lighting system.

This new 2017 Toyota Hilux features a powerful and masculine outer body. The front grille has massive chrome accents and metallic finishing. The headlights have been revisited, and they incorporate LED. The wheelbase of this 2017 Hilux pickup truck is widened; its front bumper features a large air intake in the middle which has a black chrome accent.  A power set of for lights will be added; enough space is opened up in the rear cargo cabin.

2017 Toyota Hilux – Competitors and Fuel Economy, Price and Release Date

Some of its main competitors are Nissan Navara and Ford Ranger. The average fuel economy of this pickup truck is going to stay around 22 miles per gallon. Pricing of this pickup truck is going to vary from $25,000 to $40,000. This 2017 Toyota Hilux is said to be released in the second half of 2016.

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