2017 VW Beetle Changes, Facelift

There is a reason the Volkswagen Beatle is called the People’s car. It is marketed as Economy class vehicle by German automakers Volkswagen. They have been producing the Beetle for nearly seventy years. It was produced constantly from 1938 to 2003. The company also launched Volkswagen new Beetle in the year 1998. With the launch of 2017 VW Beetle, the car manufacturer hopes to extend the legacy of this model. This car had a more modernistic outlook with an international appeal. It was succeeded by Volkswagen beetle (A5) which started in 2011 and comprises of the best features of both its predecessors. Built on the Volkswagen group A5 platform, this car has gained global popularity very quickly. It comes with a wide range of designs, from a sports back design to Turbo Black. The 2017 VW Beetle is expected to surpass its predecessors by a long margin.

2017 VW Beetle – Objectives of Facelift:

The design of Beetle is absolutely unique. Therefore, this upcoming model will also not deviate much from that characteristic design of its predecessors, there will only be some minor aesthetical changes. There will be some changes in the front fascia with a newly designed Hood and low mesh-like grille structure. The characteristic circular headlights would be retained. 19-inch alloy wheel whit chrome plating with improve both the looks and performance.

One need not worry about the luxury and comfort level of a Volkswagen vehicle. This model will have all the advanced equipment like multi-zone climate control, seats with internal heating, rear view camera, etc.

2017 VW Beetle – Powertrain:

Beetle from Volkswagen is considered a legendary car and most loved one as well. Designer along with engineers had a tough job in developing engines for all new 2017 VW Beetle. Under its bonnet, you may find a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4 cylinder engines which can easily generate about 210 hp and good torque amount or a smaller variant consisting of a 1.8-liter cylinder engine unit which can produce a little lesser power.

Both these drivetrains will get mated with a 6-speed auto or manual transmission system. But speculations are there that this transmission unit may be changed as VW bring on some advanced ones. Both all-wheel drive type, as well as front wheel drive type options, can be present for buyers to choose from.               

The company assures that 2017 VW Beetle will deliver a standard performance. To be honest, this isn’t a vehicle from which people expect much performance. An average mileage rate of 31 mpg on city streets and an average mileage rate of 42 mpg on highways will be delivered by the powerful drivetrain. Whereas, smaller one gives an average mileage of 30 mpg on city streets and an average mileage rate of 40 mpg on highways.

2017 VW Beetle – Price and Launch Date:

Experts suggest that this all new VW Beetle gets a price ranging between $20,500 and $30,000 without any confirmation, though. It’s said that by a beginning of next year i.e. 2017, it will surely be released all over.

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