2017 VW Camper Bus Concept Hippy Bus

The Volkswagen Westfalia Camper has been the mark of a classic and iconic vehicle for those who love traveling and cross-country adventures. Its production was ceased in 2003 but the company officially revealed at New York Auto Show that a concept camper will soon be unveiled by them. There were rumors of a new microbus since 2015 Detroit Auto Show when it was revealed that the company has been working on a fully electric camper van. With unveiling of 2017 VW Camper Bus, it has been confirmed that the company will be reviving the classical fan in the form of an electric vehicle. This people mover will be based on the iconic bus and will be the next vehicle from Volkswagen to be retro inspired.

2017 VW Camper Bus – What to expect?

Car enthusiasts are hoping that 2017 VW Camper Bus will offer a perfect balance of safety, comfort and utility. If Volkswagen stay true to its classic design, it is very much possible that they will pull this off. The company needs to remember what the customers want a vehicle with plenty cargo space and perfectly suited for road trips.

In recent years, Volkswagen has teased two other new Campers as well. A Microbus concept debuted back in 2001 and the Bulli made its appearance in 2011. Both of these models have provided some cues as far as the possible appearance of this latest concept model is concerned. Just like 2001 Microbus concept, this 2017 VW Camper Bus will be borrowing three main styling cues from the original Hippy Bus.

2017 VW Camper Bus – Fresh New Look

This vehicle will mainly be designed keeping North American automotive market in mind. This 21st century Bus is still to be named but it is supposed to be significantly inspired by the original model. Originally, it was a rear engine model and was produced in various forms from late 1949 right to the date its production was stopped.

First styling cue will be the solid D-pillar and the boxy design of center section will be the second styling cue that this model will share with original iconic bus. Third styling cue will be the extremely short overhang at the front end. Company officials have confirmed that they intend to keep distance between the front end and A-pillar very short. This means that the company is focusing on retaining the classical design, which is very exciting for fans of this classic model.

2017 VW Camper Bus interior

2017 VW Camper Bus – Electric Powertrain

The 2017 VW Camper Bus will get retro treatment only when it comes to design and styling. As far as engine is concerned, it will be getting a completely new all-electric drivetrain. Being a bit smaller than the Transporter, the electric drivetrain of this vehicle will also power all upcoming battery-powered models from Volkswagen. There will be a small electric motor which will be powering front wheels and battery packs will be stored under the floor. Thus, this new camper van will be both sustainable and eco-friendly as well.

Technical details about the powertrain are still close to nothing. However, it will reportedly be using the components borrowed from Audi R8 e-tron model and also Audi e-tron Quattro concept, which will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show very soon. The recent advancement in lithium-ion battery technology means that this 2017 VW Camper Bus will be able to offer a maximum driving range of somewhere in between 20 miles and 310 miles.

It is true that an electric variant sill be offered during the time of its release, but there are reports that buyers are also allowed to choose between turbocharged diesel and gasoline burning engines, which will be sourced from Volkswagen parts bin.

2017 VW Camper Bus side

2017 VW Camper Bus – Price and Release Date

Price is not known yet. First concept of this new 2017 VW Camper Bus is reportedly being planned for 2016 CES (Consumer Electronics Show). This means that there is not much time when customers will get first look of this revived legendary van. Once concept model is released, more information about this vehicle will be revealed and a more specific arrival date will be revealed. Regular production model should be added to VW lineup as 2017 model year. It will be manufactured alongside Golf and Beetle in Puebla, Mexico, where original Beetle and original Bus was previously manufactured.

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