2017 VW CrossBlue Review

Primarily made for the US market, 2017 VW CrossBlue is the latest SUV of the Volkswagen with an extremely modern design. Since the last model wasn’t selling quite well, the manufacturer gives a really nice effort for made this amazing car with much better performance, exterior design, amazing comfort inside and a power-train configuration to beat the competitors. The moment of release is getting closer and closer, so we shall meet the unique 2017 VW CrossBlue.

2017 VW CrossBlue – Design Features:

The SUV will be slightly redesigned, with a very stunning appearance. Also, is expected to be extremely massive and attractive. For a better engine cooling, the front bumper is redesigned, fitted with powerful air intakes. Designers put quite an effort designing the front side of the vehicle where we can see many different details that all together make an entirety. New generation lights have been added, latest LED daytime running lights and Xenon headlights. Large 19-inch alloy wheels open the car from sides and makes it look even more superior. Unlike its previous model, this one has a longer wheelbase, which means more space inside. Speaking of the inside, the cabin is very comfortable and spacious. Besides leather, there will be more quality materials, such as wood and aluminum. The technology that can be found in the car is remarkable – touchscreen display is 10.2 inches and is placed at the central panel, Bluetooth connectivity, USB, quality audio system, modern air conditioning, a navigation system, internet connection. Safety features such as traction controls, parking sensors, parking assistant, blind spot monitoring, cruise control can also be found in 2017 VW CrossBlue.

2017 VW CrossBlue – Engine and Performance:

What puts an upcoming model in the top new cars is his 2.0 TDI Diesel engine with extra two electric motors. They are powered by a 9.8kWh lithium – ion battery pack, and all together will have 305 hp, 516 lb – ft of peak torque. The engine is capable of reaching from 0 – 60 mph in 7.2 sec. When it travels around 14 miles on 100% charged battery, his top speed is reduced from 127 to 75 mph. The 2017 VW CrossBlue will be lighter than before thanks to the fact that it is being built on MBQ platform, and we can expect much better fuel efficiency with better performance of the car.

2017 VW CrossBlue – MSRP and Release Date:

The new model CrossBlue is expected to come out of its shell this year in November, but it won’t be in the showrooms any time before the spring next year. The price will likely be around in range $32, 000 to 40, 000. Because of the modern and powerful look, latest engine and much brand new technologies, this car goes all the way to the top, competing with Honda Pilot, Ford Explorer and Toyota Highlander which says enough about the quality of this model.

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