2018 Dodge Durango Redesign

The Dodge is probably best known for producing a fascinating sports car and SUVs. The upcoming 2018 Dodge Durango will be a great muscle car. The new model will gain its raw energy from new engine variants, and these drivetrain variants are going to be powerful ones. Dodge keeps on featuring great improvements in its new models ever year and so is the case with 2018 Dodge Durango. Its outer body will be made more aggressive and dynamic, so lovers of Durango model are in for a great surprise.

2018 Dodge Durango – Exterior Body:

The new Dodge Durango is going to have an attractive body and a sophisticated appearance. Aerodynamic features have been improved in Dodge Durango. Its front fascia is redesigned with a new grille. The newly designed grille has a lot of chrome accents in it; a design in its grille resembling a plus sign is featured. Its overall styling is made more contemporary, not everything is changed in this exterior body as some features, and the design language is going to remain the same.

The wheelbase is widened; a wide and larger air intake is featured in its bumpers. Its air intake is also decorated by chrome inserts. The fog lights will be improved in this new Dodge Durango. New ground clearance height has been given to 2018 Durango; its rear portion is kept pretty much the same as what it was in its previous model. Its total weight is also said to be reduced to increase its performance.

Interior Cabin Features:

Interior cabin in 2018 Dodge Durango is kept the same, but some minor changes will be made in it. High-quality materials will be used for covering the seats and other interior cabin parts like the steering wheel, door panels, and the dashboard will also feature high-quality material upholstery.

More space has been opened up in this interior cabin, the dashboard will be revised. A new steering wheel may be seen. Infotainment system will also be going be upgraded to the latest version. The fenders are flared; this new Dodge Durango has a low roof profile which makes this car have an interesting outer look.

2018 Dodge Durango – Drivetrain Features:

Powering the 2018 Dodge Durango is a 3.6 liter V6 Pentastar engine. This drivetrain will have a torque of 295 lb-ft and power of 295 hp. A 9-speed gearbox which is automatically shifted will be mated to this engine. The new Dodge Durango is having another engine and it is the 5.7 liters Hemi V8 engine with an output of 360 hp and 390 pound-feet of torque. Also, the second engine will either be paired with an 8-speed auto-shifting system or a 9-speed auto-shifting system. The Dodge Durango will have both the options of an all-wheel drive and a two-wheel drive option. The new model is going to have its fuel economy of 17 mpg in city areas and 29 mpg on the highway

2018 Dodge Durango – Rivalries, Cost, and Launch Date:

The Nissan Xterra, Ford Expedition, Chevy Traverse and Kia Sorento will be its greatest rivals.

Finally, the 2018 Dodge Durango is going to have its starting price of $31,000 and its launch date is going to be somewhere by late 2016.

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