2018 Ford Focus Redesign

The Ford is a US automaker well known for all types of vehicles manufactured and sold throughout the globe. The Ford Focus is one amongst its popular range of vehicles which is much renowned for an amazing package of features, cost effectiveness, fuel efficiency and Ford reliability. An updated version of Ford Focus is what market has been expecting from this world-renowned automaker. As per reviews, 2018 Ford Focus will bring in a lot of new stuff to make this hatch exciting to its core. Find out further details and updates on all new Ford Focus.

 2018 Ford Focus – The Important Points to Know:

Changing and upgrading technology has left its effect on a large scale in the auto market. All major companies are constantly spending a lot of money on research and development and launching all new products which will provide them an edge in this competitive market. Ford being the renowned company is not left behind in doing so is going to bring an all-new Focus with major internal as well as external changes to its vehicles.

External Changes:

Focus has a very trendy yet attractive look which goes towards key positive point. It is a high value for money, car with an amazing engine and great performance. Ford will bring it a good number of changes though to make it more and more exciting. It will get a trendier new set of head lights and redesigned front grille. There will be also new tail lamps and different front and rear bumpers.

Internal Changes:

Use of upgraded plastic material will make 2018 Ford Focus much classier. Interiors also see a use of leather upholstery not may be in the base variant, though. Along with that one will also be able to have better connectivity inside this vehicle to sync for music; with all new multimedia devices. The company will also tend to increase leg rooms inside Focus and also increase boot capacity in this upcoming model.

2018 Ford Focus – Engine, Fuel Economy and Other Specifications:

Current Ford Focus has two engine options hidden under its hood. One is 2.0-liter engine able to generate power of around 160 hp and another is an economical 1.0-liter engine delivering a decent 123 hp. The 2018 Ford Focus will continue to have both engine options. However, there will be certain improvements in both engines.  2.0-liter engine will deliver higher power and a better mileage as per reviews. Focus delivers quite decent average fuel economy. It did not fail to deliver a pretty 36 mpg on highways and 26 mpg in cities.

 2018 Ford Focus – Price, Competitors and Launch Date:

The base price of new Ford Focus will be around $18,000. Ford has not yet announced the price of Focus. Some of the major competitors of 2018 Ford Focus are Mazda 3, Volkswagen Golf, Honda Civic, Kia Soul, Volkswagen Jetta and Kia Forte. The launch date of Focus has not yet been revealed by Ford. However, it is expected in the end of 2017.

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