2018 KIA Sportage Changes

The 2018 KIA Sportage is already trending among SUV enthusiasts. This latest version of the Sportage has already been spotted by journalists doing tests on the manufacturer’s runways. It is expected to have almost the same design and features like its predecessor the 2017 KIA Sportage. However, based on the latest SUV trends, it is expected to be the perfect blend of comfort and performance making it a great family car as well as an off-road vehicle.

2018 KIA Sportage – Body Style Changes:

The 2018 Sportage owes much of its exterior design to the previous model. There was the need to, however, bring on board several enhancements and fine tuning as far as aesthetics is concerned. Among the major changes in the 2018 version is in the lighting system. It will come with elegant wraparound headlamps and crystal clear fog lights. Its taillights will also be upgraded using the new LED technology. The another major change will be the front fascia. The 2018 Sportage will come with a larger grille that will be position a bit lower. Regarding size, this latest version of the Sportage is likely to remain the same.


The KIA has been very stingy with information regarding their vehicles under development and this is evident from some released camouflaged photos of the 2018 Sportage. With this in mind, there is scanty information out there regarding its interior. However, to stay on course with some of its major competitors, a new dashboard makeover is highly anticipated. Some of the features to expect include a powerful infotainment system with an LCD display, Adaptive Cruise Management System, Front Crash Avoidance and Collision among others.

2018 KIA Sportage – Turbocharged Engine and Transmission:

When it comes to performance, the KIA never disappoints as always. The 2018 KIA Sportage will most likely have a new 2.0-liter 4-Cylinder turbocharged engine with 240 HP. This will be complemented by a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. Unlike the previous models, the 2018 version is expected to be more fuel efficient, something that has been a real issue facing KIA.

Like earlier stated, the 2018 Sportage will have better handling and off-road capabilities. This will be made possible courtesy of a new suspension system, shock absorbers, and stiffer springs.

2018 KIA Sportage – Price, Release Date, and Verdict:

The 2018 KIA Sportage release date and the price have not been confirmed officially by the manufacturer. We, however, expect it to be released in the second half of 2017. The base trim’s price tag will be in the region of $24,000. Considering the great features and abilities of the Sportage, this price will be very fair.


The KIA made sure it will stay afloat in the SUV wars by ensuring their latest version of the Sportage keeps in touch with the latest technological trends in the world of automobiles. Their mission to blend comfort and performance has been fruitful with the 2018 version. This version will have better handling and off-road capabilities. It will also come packed with the best in class convenience and safety features. The engine is also powerful and most importantly, fuel efficient. For a price tag of around $24,000, the 2018 KIA Sportage is poised to be among the most coveted mid-range SUVs in the market.

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