Audi A7 2017 Release Date, Specs

The five door sedan and coupe segment is set to obtain yet another fantastic release in the form of Audi A7 2017. This vehicle by the German automakers was first released in 2010 and will now be refreshed to provide modern amenities to ever-changing needs of buyers. It will boast a rather dramatic change over its previous version, which itself was exceptionally attractive, and come with advanced powertrain configuration to provide maximum power along with fuel economy. This extravagant vehicle ensures that every desire of existing fans is met and also enthusiasts who are new to the series are interested for this release. The visual cues of this model have been largely taken from concept of Audi Prologue, and are expected to inspire visuals of models like Audi A6 and Audi A8. Overall, based on speculations we have received, it seems likely that this release will turn out to be the showstopper of the future generations. Needless to mention that the German automakers settles for nothing but best in every single release; this time shouldn’t be any different.

Audi A7 2017 – Stunning new Exterior

While there are fans of Audi who like the models because of their traditional exterior design, the company has decided not to rehash their older design language in turn of something contemporary. The Audi A7 2017 gets rid of the two decade old body language and holds itself as a prime example of radical visual changes. The A7 shows off an elegant exterior design characterized by an interesting frontal view.

From the Prologue Concept, single-frame horizontal grill has been borrowed, the overhangs at the front has now been centered to lend better proportion, and many lines have been added to the outer body that gives a visual impression of this car being increased in dimensions.

Comfortable and stylish interior design

Every bit of improvement that has taken place on the outer body of Audi A7 2017 has been implemented in an even better way in its interior. In contrast to its predecessor, this model houses fantastic new comfort elements that are equally complemented by technical marvels of modern engineering. Premium quality equipment has been fitted inside so that the passengers can get the best feeling of luxury that their money can buy them. Taking comfort to a whole new level are leather seats that is to be made as standard, offering soft furnishing materials, and temperature-controlled seats that always remind the passengers of classic German engineering.

In regards to technology, various features have been implemented in Audi A7 2017 that both aid the drivers as well as provide entertainment for the passengers. A touch screen system has been placed to control various features like cruise control, satellite navigation, rear parking sensors, and other driving tools. For the passengers, an exceptional audio system has been installed so that they never get bored on long rides.

Audi A7 2017 interior

Audi A7 2017 – Outstanding Engine Performance

 The Audi A7 2017 will probably come with a high performance triple-charged diesel engine that was first shown off in the concept of Audi TS5 TDI. This powertrain makes the best of a V-6 twin turbocharged unit that is aided by an electric supercharger. This engine will be able to produce a maximum of 340 HP and torque of around 550 lb-ft. Additional reports indicate that a hybrid version might also become available at a later date. This all-wheel drive model will have its engine paired to an eight speed automatic gearbox due to which the transmission system gets a fantastic overhaul.

Audi A7 2017 side view

Audi A7 2017 – Release Date and Price

This ultra-luxury car known as Audi A7 2017 is expected to have pretty much the same pricing as its previous version, as far as the base model is concerned. For higher end levels, you obviously need to be out more depending on additional customization’s. Expect this Audi A7 2017 to start costing around $65,000. No concrete information has been provided yet by the company, but it should not be later than 2016 when we can finally see this model in showrooms across the world.

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