Audi A8 2017 Changes, Release Date

Among a bevy of upcoming releases, Audi A8 2017 is one vehicle that has fans worldwide burning up in anticipation. Since its release date is yet unknown, chances are that various features would be modified in the final release and the model would look different from what it does right now. From news we have gathered so far, you can expect a major revision in every aspect of this vehicle, including the major ones like interior, exterior, and under its hood. This vehicle, which is supposed to be second generation of the model, has garnered high hopes among fans who want only the best in German engineering. The Audi A8 2017 was spotted being tested in heavy camouflage, but still showed off enough features for us to make a close speculation. One of the things that we expect out of this model is lesser weight because of the fact that it is being based on the popular MLB Evo platform. Needless to say, features will be galore in every aspect of this model.

Audi A8 2017 – Spectacular Exterior Visuals:

Among many changes that have taken place in the body of this vehicle, the headline grabbing feature is its aluminum-based chassis that has heavily contributed to lower the weight. It is being said that this design language shall be considered as a base for many future releases as the German automakers have put a great deal of effort on developing it. According to expectations, it should be quite a while since people start finding this design redundant. Competing with other top-notch luxury brands like Porsche and Bentley, the Audi A8 2017 certainly makes no excuses in hiding its luxurious roots while ever so slightly ignoring the cost effectiveness of this release.

Since this vehicle is still in concept stage, we can only make guesses that it will contain LED lights, redesigned grille, modified front and rear bumpers, and various lines across the body to add more detail. A lot of vehicles are taking the aggressive approach; this is not true in case of this release as the German automakers have always focused on elegance over brute force.

Lavish interior decor:

Completing the metamorphosis of Audi A8 2017 is the exquisite interior decor that can put even the most high-profile luxury vehicles to shame. Boasting of tremendous technology and comfort upgrades, this vehicle gets features like leather seats with heating and cooling, an advanced air conditioning system, classy furnishing material, and a beige-white color combination to come lead the visual aesthetic.

As regards to technology, no official word has been passed around but we can guess that it will come loaded with features like a touchscreen display for infotainment controls, heated steering wheel, a fantastic audio system, and safety features for both passengers and the driver. Drive aiding tools like rear parking sensors, 360 degree camera, cruise control, and other extraordinary features that are less likely to be found in any other model.

Audi A8 2017 interior

Audi A8 2017 – Engine Performance:

Chances are that the Audi A8 2017 sedan will be getting a new engine that makes use of V8 technology and possibly also V12, which may be used for future releases. From the news we have gathered so far, it is speculated that this model will come with an engine that can generate up to 500 HP and equal amount of torque. Sadly enough, the power train segment remains least talked of since no confirmed date of release has been stated yet. To know about acceleration, top speed, fuel economy, etc. you have to keep following the section throughout the time we get to the eventual release. As much as he can doubt, new information will pop up soon enough as Audi is one brand that does not like to keep its fans guessing for long.

Audi A8 2017 side view

Audi A8 2017 – Price and Release Date:

The base version of Audi A8 2017 has been priced somewhere close to $70,000 and extending all the way to $80,000 for the premium end model. While this information is strictly speculative, there is a high chance that this vehicle will cost figures that are not more than this. Release will most likely happen either towards the end of 2016 or in the early months of 2017.

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