Audi Q3 2018 Release Date, Impressive Design

Being on the top of the car industry and offering some of the best models of today, Audi is worldwide recognized as a very reliable company. Wishing to maintain its position at the top of the world market, experts from the company constantly improve their models. The most recent example is the Audi Q3 2018. The Q series as one of the most popular is recognized as a segment in which investments will pay off. This model will have its premiere at the Auto Show in Frankfurt in 2017 when we will be able to see so far undiscovered details. As the smallest of the German crossover from the company, the Audi Q3 will radiate luxury and elegance, also will not miss sports spirit.

Audi Q3 2018 – Impressive Design:

The Audi Q3 2018 has been spotted on tests by photographies specialized for making pictures of the latest car models. Although quite covered, this SUV still gives some details. For example, it is known that will use very popular MQB platform. Beside it, several competing models will use the same platform. At first, a glance can be concluded that this sun has only three doors, but handle in the back reveals the existence of the last door. Wheelbase will increase.

This may sound paradoxical considering that this is the smallest SUV with the company, but it is designed so the latest model Q2 can take over a title of the smallest SUV. On the back, we expect a nice sharp shaped light and a short spoiler. Attention will draw two square, wide tailpipes.

Do not be fooled by the dimensions of the new luxurious Audi Q3 2018. Although the smallest in its group, this SUV certainly offers plenty of room in the cabin for a comfortable drive. In addition to space, interior special highlights materials from which it is made. In the first place is a natural leather that is very pleasant in touch. Then we have a metal that highlights the most interesting details. The color is likely to be black which contributes to the feeling of luxury. Advanced technology provided by touchscreen will make every driving more interesting and easier.

Audi Q3 2018 – Engine Rumors:

No matter how good a vehicle look, it is not complete without a proper engine. In the new Audi Q3 2018, we expect three cylinder 2.0-liter TFSI engine. This engine will be able to produce over 200 hp. There are no data which transmission will be in use, but it is speculated that it will be automatic 6-speed and the drive will most likely be on the front wheels.

Audi Q3 2018 – Price and Release Date:

The latest Audi Q3 2018 will be officially presented in the year 2017. However, the sales we can plan only in 2018. When it comes to price, little is known. There is a possibility that it will be different from the previous model because of the changes and improvements that have been introduced. If the price turns out to be approximate as the previous model, this would mean number around $ 33,000 for a standard equipped vehicle.

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