Audi Q8 Concept

The new Q8 is going to be a big launch for the company. Ever since Audi Q8 Concept was revealed, it has created a huge buzz. This German Automobile company has acquired a lot of fame with their previous releases. This new vehicle will further enhance their reputation. Audi has never failed to deliver in the past. Even if the drivetrain configurations did not, create an impact there was always a great design and technological upgrades which nullified this negative fact and vice versa. New Q8 will be a crossover model and expectation is sky-high. World Health Organization is a big crossover fan, and this group is expecting the new Q8 to create a huge impact.

Audi Q8 Concept – Body and Design:

After a lot of thinking and research works, the makers have ultimately peened down the necessary specs that will make Audi Q8 Concept very significant.

  • It is a crossover model and is will partially bear similar resemblance with Volkswagen models.
  • Body design is more elongated and flat than the previous ones.
  • Body has been designed with lightweight alloys and carbon fibers. Use of heavyweight metal is limited.
  • Grille design is tetragonal and it contain horizontal slots which will carry the Audi logo on it.
  • Headlights are sleeker and classier in design compared to its forerunners. These headlights will run on LED.
  • Tail lamps are slender and contains great huge exhaust channels.
  • Wheelbase had been enlarged hence cargo space will be more than what it could accommodate previously.
  • Seats have been design with high quality leather upholstery which are very comfortable to sit on.
  • There ae many safety features in this new car like parking assist, lane departure as well as maintaining assist, front collision preventers, airbags, rear view camera, fog lights and many more.

New Audi Q8 Concept is expected to have Wi-Fi connections within it. Bluetooth services will be present. For entertainment, MP3 player slots, DVD players have been providing along with this new sound system has been installed to keep the passengers amazed.

Audi Q8 Concept interior

Audi Q8 Concept – Engine Details and Performance:

Audi Q8 Concept is an absolute beast of a theory. It was revealed by Audi that this new concept is going to use V6, V8 or W12 engines. Fuel capacity in those units will be somewhere around 3-4 liter. For one drivetrain setup the engines will be TFSI unit. The second variant is expected to be a TDI unit which is going to have 3-liter fuel capacity.

Another drivetrain setup is expected to be a dual turbo 4 liter V8 unit which would generate a power of 550 HP. Acceleration rates in this new vehicle will be quite exceptional. In general, this new car will be able to reach a speed of sixty-two miles per hour starting from zero in just seven seconds. The maximum speed that can be clocked will be around one fifty-five miles per hour mark.

Fuel economy is going to be quite high. The new engines are a lot more fuel-efficient than the previous ones. Thought he exact Fuel utility values on city road and highway are not revealed, the makers have been confident about this economically valuable model. Carbon dioxide emission will be checked which will definitely bring down pollution rates.

Competitions of Audi Q8:

Audi Q8 Concept has gathered a lot of positive reviews already. It is left to see whether or not this concept gets proper significance. There will be some tough competitors of Audi Q8 Concept. In a way these competitions make sure that a series always makes progress.

When there is no competition in the field progress in hindered. Audi Q8 series always receive tough competitions. Their competitors are BMW X6 and Porsche Cayenne so it will be quite interesting to see what the makers come up with.

Audi Q8 Concept side

When will this vehicle launch and expected price range

Audi Q8 Concept makers have hinted that they will be launching this car in 2017. Many work is yet to be done on this model.  With the use of such great materials and addition of high quality features will definitely pop up the price range. Base models are expected to have a starting price of $60,000 while nothing is confirmed as of yet. Many speculations have suggested that the highest trim level will be priced around $70,000 mark.

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