BMW M9 Concept, Price

German car-makers BMW has time and again left its fans and critics spellbound, BMW M9 concept is definitely going to be the latest to cast a spell. It has to be the finest and most magnificently designed car ever. It is because the makers were specific about designing a coupe that is out BMW’s league of styling. Some elements though bear a strong resemblance with BMW M1. As a concept car still under the wraps, very little can be talked about BMW M9. One thing is for sure it will surely revive BMW’s super car market.

BMW Supercars Story so Far:

Not too long ago BMW planned to annex super car territory with BMW M1. Launched amidst much fanfare, the M1 story came to a disappointing end much earlier than one would have thought.

BMW M9 – Engine Specs

There is a bit of mixed opinion as to what BMW M9 will carry under the hood. Much of the information available is rather speculation. Latest report and few car experts have given an input or two that seems pretty plausible.

So right now there is a fair chance that M9 will not have any engine spec that is similar to i8, something different, powerful is in fact anticipated. Experts claim that it can become the first car in thirty years that will get a longitudinally mid-mounted inline 6-engine that will be mated with a pair of electric motors.

This 3 liter twin-turbocharged inline 6 will transmit power to rear wheels whereas electric motor wheels will independently power front wheels.Power output for this car may stand between 600 and 650 hp along with 750 lb/ft of torque.

Another group of experts is of the opinion that M9 will have either V8 or V12 engine under its skin. To achieve projected speed of 320 kph, weight of the car will also be reduced. Its precursor has 4395 cc engine, BMW M9 ( as its successor will surely have better to offer.

BMW M9 rear

BMW M9 – Design Concept

Concept model of BMW M9 has style and finesse to die for, so it is no wonder car lovers would like to know about its contributors. This sports car has been designed by independent design studio Radion. The Radion have equipped this car with every latest in design to make its exteriors impressive with their cutting edge technology use.

Due to the more powerful drivetrain, M9 will undoubtedly have lightweight carbon fiber materials in use. The most distinctive external fascia elements are:

  • Small twin kidney grille.
  • New aggressive headlights.
  • Long beak-like bonnet.
  • L formed taillights.

It also appears that the suspension degrees have been carried forward from its progenitors.

Though a very stylish two seat super coupe, M9 will not flash anything overtly loud for the interiors. In fact interiors seem to be very similar to i8. There is Alcantara leather upholstery and carbon fiber inserts that are to be found even in base models. A new updated deck along with battery charging port and music system too is available.

Brief history of BMW i8:

As a heavy influence on the M9, the BMW i8 has interesting facts to know about:

  • It has won the 2012 North American Concept Vehicle of the year award.
  • Green Car Journal awarded i8 as 2015 Luxury Green Car of the year.
  • BMW i8 Spyder has 2013 Best Production Preview vehicle award to its credit.
  • A series of carbon black luggage was designed by Louis Viton for BMW i8.
  • It has “butterfly doors” and head up display.
  • First production car to have laser headlights.
  • As of now it has cumulative sales number of 2164 units.
  • Major market other than the US includes China, India, Europe, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom and Switzerland. I8 was a sold out in the UK and there was a ten month-long waiting list.

BMW M9 interior

BMW M9 – Price and Release Date

BMW has plans to tackle all possible challenges in price from Audi R8 which is already available in the market. No price tag has been confirmed yet but it will be safe to assume that BMW M9 will cost at most $300,000 to 500,000. 2017 could be the year for concept model’s release. Production will roll out right after.

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