BMW X3 2017 Release Date, Engine

The BMW X3 2017 is the descendant of the world’s very first luxury crossover vehicle that was first released in 2003. Ever since its launch, this model has earned accolades worldwide from fans and critics alike who have been all praises about its luxury elements and quality of drive. Code named as GO1, this exceptionally stylish model was spotted on its test drive, wearing heavy camouflage, speaking about intentions of the company about not wanting to reveal much before the upcoming Munich Auto Show. This compact luxury crossover is a mid-sized SUV that will host many changes over its predecessor regarding body type, performance aspects, and interior decor that is to be splendid in every way. As 4×4 models with high roofs are extremely popular in Germany consisting of about 30% of total market, BMW has now pioneered its engineering technique to make this vehicle fare better all around the world. One of the aspects that need a special mention is that M sport package is to be included in every vehicle.

BMW X3 2017 – Exterior Visuals and Expected Features

Since this model BMW X3 2017 is supposed to release in two trim variants, we are sure of the fact that differences will be quite noticeable in both the models. As the car was spotted with heavy camouflage, it became quite impossible to make out individual features; so we are only dependent on rumors and speculations to predict what the BMW X3 2017 might look like. The first aspect that needs to be discussed is its 19 inch wheels, what exhaust pipes, bigger and bolder front bumpers, and a slightly redesigned grille that is to be the talk of the town. As regards to the visual cue, this version of X3 has borrowed heavily from the previous X5 and has put its own twist to make things interesting for the new generation. We are looking forward to this vehicle’s launch in an upcoming motor show to find out what exactly it may come with.

What’s new in BMW X3 2017?

Inside this BMW X3 2017 will be a whole new affair to obsess about. Features such as remodeled seats with adjustable length, heating and cooling technology, and fully collapsible feature to make more room for cargo are some of the highlights of this vehicle. In addition, by paying extra you will be able to obtain a readers, sunroof, bigger breaks, larger wheels, front wheels that could drag, and various other equipment that will be not found in the base version. Both the trim models will come with LED headlights that inspire it to stand out from the crowd, but at a considerably increased price tag.

BMW X3 2017 interior

BMW X3 2017 – New Engine Options

This upcoming BMW X3 2017 makes use of a 2.0 L petrol engine that can produce a maximum of 240 hp, which is ably aided by 95 hp electric motor to provide a total power of over 300 hp. Since this car has adopted the hybrid plug-in technology from the older generation X5, it is said that the X3 will do many things better what the BMW X5 couldn’t do on its launch. The maximum torque that is to be produced by this engine stands at an impressive 516 lb.-ft. As regards to fuel consumption, this vehicle has stumped all its other rivals by providing an outstanding rate of 74 mpg on average driving sessions.

When switched to E-mode fuel economy ranges between 25 to 30 mpg, which is still impressive as this is not the primary form of drive. The company has confirmed the fact that BMW X3 2017 will be about hundred kilo lesser in weight than its previous person, which has contributed directly to increased fuel economy. However, BMW has declined any chances of featuring their ever popular three cylinder engine in this upcoming SUV.

BMW X3 2017rear view

BMW X3 2017 – Price and Availability

It is expected that BMW X3 2017 will turn up at the Munich Auto Show in the midst of a thundering crowd applauding for this vehicle. A comparative price analysis has been made which places the base version of this vehicle costing somewhere around $40,000 while the premium end model should cost around $50,000 with all its customization and special features. There is simply no way that this model can fail in the market as the German automakers have employed at the best engineers in the industry to craft this magnificent beast.

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