BMW X6 2017 Price, Engine and Acceleration Time

The upcoming BMW X6 2017 is upgraded version of already well know X6 model. This high-end crossover will hit the market redesigned and better in almost every segment compared to the earlier model of this series. All improvements than we can notice are made to make this model more suitable for the modern markets and because of that; the resulting model is so good and attractive. Not only exterior and interior redesigns make it appealing, but also improvements in engine capabilities. This fact also makes it more efficiency and more powerful compared to its predecessor. The latest news is that the BMW announced the release date of this model and that date is sometime in the beginning of 2017. In the upcoming review, we take a first look and our first impression about its exterior, interior, and engine capabilities.

BMW X6 2017 – Very Attractive Design:

The exterior design of the BMW X6 2017 is very attractive, and actually, if you look at the X5 model and then you look at the newest X6, you can notice a lot of similarities, especially at the front fascia. Of course, we can see some unique parts on its exterior and that is also a good thing. It is anticipated that the total weight of the vehicle will be reduced by about 50 pounds since the approaching model will be completed with the light but strong material. This is a very good improvement and because of that, we can expect significantly better fuel economy as well as better performance. Also, we have a small change in the dimension and this model will be little but longer than the preceding one and it will have the length of 193.3 inches. This is also a good thing for the interior since it will have more space inside the cabin. The front grille will be the same as in the X5 model and we must admit that the whole front fascia of the X5 and also of this model is very elegantly designed. The most recent BMW X6 2017 will use 18-inch alloy wheels or maybe even 21-inch M light alloy wheels.

The interior design of the future BMW X6 2017 is also very appealing and the cabin provides a high dose of luxury and comfort. Also, to offer optimum comfort this model will use features with the latest engineering. For example, we can expect updated infotainment system controlled from the LCD on the dashboard. For regulating temperature inside the cabin, this model has dual zone climate control. All seats are of course covered by the leather as well as with a lot of legroom for passengers.

BMW X6 2017 – Engine and Acceleration Time:

Beneath the hood, the anticipated BMW X6 2017 will be powered by a 4.4-liter turbo eight-cylinder diesel motor that will be capable of generating 445 hp. All wheel drive system will be provided. The acceleration from 0-60 mph will be 5.7 seconds. Unfortunately, we don’t have official data about fuel consumption.

BMW X6 2017 – Price and Development Date:

The release date of this beautiful vehicle will be in the beginning of 2017 while the starting price should be around $62.000.

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