BMW X7 2017 Efficient Engine and Improved Drive

When we talk about BMW Company, one thing is certain, and that thing is quality. Almost everyone in this world knows a lot about BMW, and there is no man in the world who has not heard about BMW X series. It’s X series is very successful, and its flagship model is famous X6. At least it was, until the last announcement from BMW. More precisely, considering the BMW announced the brand new model, named BMW X7 2017, from now on, the new X7 becomes the next flagship model. The new model will be a quite amazing vehicle, and it will be very similar to the X5 model, but larger of course. It will be a full-size crossover and according to BMW, it will attract great attention around the world. In the next review, you can learn something more about this brand new and flagship model from BMW.

BMW X7 2017 – What is Expected in Design?

At the first glance, the exterior design of the latest BMW X7 2017 is very similar to the exterior of the well-known X5. However, we can expect some slight modification, and most important, this model is larger than X5. The front fascia of this model is recognizable, and here we can notice the same, but a bit larger front grille. The headlights of the future X7 will be connected with the grille and it will be powered by the next generation of LED technology. The LED powered fog lights are positioned very close below the grille. Compared to the X5, this model has extended wheelbase, and that also means more space inside the cabin. The front bumper is fitted with large air intakes in order to improve engine cooling and consequently overall performance. There is no information about the wheels, but it is certain that the standard size is at least 1-inch larger than in the X5 model.

The interior design of the upcoming BMW X7 2017 will provide a high dose of elegance, luxury, and comfort. The cabin is very spacious with a third-row seating. Of course, all seats are wrapped in high-quality leather. At the first glance, the look of the dashboard is like some combination of X5 and 7 series sedan. Some of the other interior and also safety features include navigation with voice activation, Bluetooth, satellite communication, dual-zone climate system, BMW assist, brake assist, anti-theft alarm system, post-collision safety system, and many others.

BMW X7 2017 – Efficient Engine and Improved Drive:

In the United States, the BMW X7 2017 will be offered with turbocharged inline-six and V-8 gasoline engines. The drive type is all-wheel drive, while the transmission system is eight-speed automatic transmission. According to BMW, the standard engine will be 3.0 twin-turbo I6. Also, another option is 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8. A plug-in hybrid variant is possible and perhaps even a variant with the 6.6-literV12 twin-turbo.

BMW X7 2017 – Release Date and Expected Price:

The release date of the biggest BMW ever built will be probably in 2017. Also, the latest model is the most expensive and its starting price will be in range from $65.000 to 100,000.

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