Dodge Challenger 2018 Concept

The Dodge Challengers are three generations of American automobiles developed by Dodge. The first generation of this Dodge muscle car was produced from 1958-59, with the Dodge Challenger’s pony car variant was in production from 1969-74. The second generation of this dodge was produced from 1978-83. The third generation, which is current generation featuring muscle car or pony car variants started production in early 2008 and is expected to rival the likes of fifth generation versions of Camaro and Mustang with Dodge Challenger 2018 being its latest competitor. With the latest versions of Mustang and Camaro making record sales and stealing headlines respectively, It faces a new challenge in besting them. And it has undertaken a significant design makeover, with chassis being main priority of this new concept approached in the re-designing with an over reliance on pushing this car ahead via horsepower being reduced.

Dodge Challenger 2018 – Feature Overview:

A healthy amount of trimming is also expected to be done on heft weight of the car as well with an emphasis laid on making this car look more athletic, sleeker and leaner.

The bodywork on sides will be dominated by an upper scallop from front fender to the back haunches adorning it. It comes in two variants with customer able to choose between convertible and hardtop.

The over reliance on 1970 model for its design has long gone. The Dodge Challenger 2018 comes with a number of changes in both its exterior and interior. Sports cars enthusiasts have a reason to cheer as well as Dodge SRT variant of dodge will be made available about a year after release of the Challenger. The carry over cues will linger around the front with whole effect being more sculptured with mask like effects defining front headlights and fenders right up to rear intake.

There have also been rumors of famed Barracuda nameplate making a comeback, albeit a bit smaller than its predecessor and sinister glow of headlights been put into effect by ‘HALO ring’ LED headlights.

Dodge Challenger 2018 interior

Dodge Challenger 2018 – Engine Specs:

With no credible information known, engine may come with a 5.7 liter turbocharged 6 – cylinder with a performance output of around 400 hp. The engine of 2018 Dodge Challenger is rumored designed to run on low octane fuels to cut down on emission levels. However, with a high-compression ratio of fuels needed to improve to improve torque and performance a need to switch back to fuels with high-octane content have been observed.

Dodge Challenger 2018 side

Dodge Challenger 2018 – Release Date, Price, Competitors:

The Dodge Challenger price for base model will be around $ 33,000. Expect price to soar up to around 65,000 dollars with added on performance upgrades and more horsepower. With around 600,000 units of the 2018 Dodge Challenger slated for production, expect this variant to make available via dealers in and around mid-2018.

So expect the Dodge Challenger 2018 to be an improvement over its predecessors with an emphasis laid on in making car much lighter with use of aluminum and carbon fiber, an emphasis laid on improve the chassis performance rather than over reliance on the overall performance on the motor. With price of base model also being kept low it is expected to attract a wide customer base. So expect the streets to gearing up to that sinister look and that eerie mew of Dodge when it goes at full throttle!

The new Dodge Challenger 2018 faces a stiff competition in market from Ford Mustang GT 500 and Chevrolet Camaro with Mustang’s sales touching an all-time high and Camaro’s complete design overhaul unlocking a significant amount of performance and remains a popular choice in sports segment.

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