Dodge Rampage 2017 Release Date, Price

The new Dodge Rampage 2017 is going to be one of the best, exclusive and remarkable high-speed luxury mini pickups that will replace the presently famous Dodge Dakota. This model will offer amazing and satisfactory features to consumers in the automotive industry. The light aluminum body reduces its weight and enhances a smoother ride. It’s going to be an attractive and elegant truck designed to be used as a luxury family car. Masculine features are more likely to dominate with the LED headlights and crossbar grille to be restyled.

Dodge Rampage 2017 – Body Design:

The exterior and interior of Dodge Rampage are given new styles and upgrades which will make the overall appearance of the truck impressive. There is a chrome detailing on the grille of the truck, however, it will have black bars and the Ram logo on top of it. The hood of the truck is given a new dimension with smaller air vents in the front bumper. The front fascia will have a pair of head lights designed with LED technology. Newly restyled tail lights with LED technology is also at the rear of the truck with exhaust pipes below the revamped rear bumper.

Interior Design:

The interior is modified in line with the latest design and technology with the spacious interior cabin. The cabin is equipped with technologically improved features like an automatic climate control system, a 7.9 inches large touchscreen, the digital sound system with five speakers. There is also included an improved GPS version, navigation techniques and Google Maps, USB port interface and a Bluetooth.

Dodge Rampage 2017 – Turbocharged Engine:

The Dodge Rampage 2017 is provided with the turbocharged 5.7-liter engine as the base engine. The engine is equipped with a six-speed manual transmission gearbox. The engine is believed to be stronger than that of the predecessor which generates 345 hp.

Dodge Rampage 2017 – Price and Development:

There have been serious speculations regarding the price; however, the price has not been officially declared. Furthermore, based on the specs and the current trade rates, the price may probably fall between $30,000 and $40,000. The new model is also expected to be released between the end of 2016 and early 2017.

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